A common problem that many people have in the workplace (among others of course) is that they don't feel they get "paid their worth".

They feel unappreciated.  Like they aren't a valuable commodity.

And it frightens them, because it means they are easy to replace . . . at least, that's the way they feel.

In order for you to get "paid your worth" you have to really KNOW your TRUE worth. And in order for you to know your true worth, you have to understand the Law of Value.

One of my favorite books of all time is The Go-Giver by Bob Burg and John David Mann.

It talks about the secrets to stratospheric success, and one of the laws to such success is The Law of Value, which states:

"Your true worth is determined by how much more you give in value than you take in payment."

I know what you may be thinking at this point. This doesn't sound like a blueprint for wealth at all . . . but more like a sure fire plan to flat broke. 

But stay with me.

You may have gotten that fancy degree and that competitive corporate gig so that you can make a shit load of money, but if the almighty dollar is your only inspiration, then you'll fall short of the success you deeply desire.

I can promise you that.

Don't get it twisted, though. 

"Does this job/industry/business make money?" is a great question to ask before you start something new. However it's a bad FIRST question.

As it was well-put in The Go-Giver, the first question should be, "Does it serve? Does it ADD VALUE to others?"  If that answer is yes, then you can ask if it makes money.

Make sense?

Let me give you a quick example.  Take 3 restuarants in your home town for instance--a bad one, a good one, and a GREAT one.

The bad restaurant is built around giving customers just enough food and adequate enough service to justify its prices.

The good restaurant is built a little differently. It's centered around giving the most quantity and quality for the prices it charges.

The GREAT restaurant, however, goes above and beyond.  They give a higher quality of food and service than money could buy.  The great restaurant strives to provide the ultimate dining experience.  

It's critical to understand that the point of the Law of Value isn't to increase your compensation, but to give more.  

Giving should be a way of life because it is the only way that we can truly receive, for receiving does not exist without giving.

Another statement that Burg and Mann made about the Law of Value in The Go-Giver that caught my eye was:

"All the great fortunes in the world have been created by men and women who had a greater passion for what they were giving--their product, service, or idea--than for what they were getting.  And many of those great fortunes have been squandered by others who had a greater passion for what they were getting than what they were giving."

How profound is that?

You may feel as though you're in a position where you giving more value isn't possible, but you still want to improve the quality of your life and know your true worth.

Maybe you feel this way because you hate your job and you just have no genuine desire to give more value there.

I've felt this way before when I was working as an accountant in my former life.  I despised my job so much that giving more value was out of the question because I simply did not want to be there.

And I did something about it.  I made a change.  

I found a business where I could deliver unlimited value to the market, because I'm passionate about it. Because I want to.  Because I understand the Law of Value.

AFTER I found an area where I can give copious value, I made sure it made money.

And as a result, I know I get paid my worth, so I don't worry about it.  

And I'm happy (like Pharrell).

If want to leave the corporate workplace behind where it belongs, and step into an area where you can deliver real value and increase the quality of your life now . . . I challenge you not to wait another minute.

Your dreams, your family's dreams, deserves for you to take action NOW.

I can help you, if you let me.

Click here to find out how I was able to escape accounting and corporate America to build the lifestyle I really deserve.

Take Care,


ps.  Changing your life is the result of a simple decision to do so.  Don't overthink it. Don't complicate it.  Just let it be as simple as it's supposed to be.  Click here now.

The transition from employee to entrepreneur is a very exciting time for just about anyone, especially at first.

The thought of finally working for yourself and being your own boss is now a reality.

You can start and end your work day however you so please . . . you call the shots.

It's awesome, right?

That depends.  It could SHOULD be.  

Fact is, most people end up ridiculously overwhelmed when making the transition from employee to entrepreneur. They make mistakes that could have easily been avoided.

It's understandable though.  You're so used to being told what to do, how long to work, how many days you can take off in a year, this list goes on . . .

Not only that, but you're accustomed to getting a paycheck every week or every other week, no matter what.  This can be a huge obstacle to overcome.

Maybe you've been there.  I have.  

Maybe you're there right now.  And that's ok . . . because you know what?  

You can fix this.  I'm gonna help you by giving you some quick tips that'll make your life a lot easier in the beginning 

stages of entrepreneurship (and beyond).

10 Time Saving Tips That Will Save Your Life When Transitioning From Employee To Entrepreneur

1. Take responsibility for whatever is going on in your life

People don't like to hear this . . . but I care about ya, and I care about your success in your entreprise, so I'm gonna keep it real with you.

In order to release all of the overwhelm you experience during your transition from employee to enterpreneur, there is something you MUST do first.

You're gonna have to accept who you are.  You're gonna have to take responsibility for the mistakes and choices you've made.  

You got to where you are today solely by the decisions you made to this point.

Whatever is in your bank account, whatever is stressful in your relationships, whatever you dislike about your health, your sobriety . . . matter what it is; you can take responsibility and CHANGE IT.

The sooner you understand that, and accept that, the sooner you can move forward. This will clear a tremendous amount of overwhelm for you when building your enterprise.

In the words of Uncle Rush aka Russell Simmons:
"Remember, you always control how you react to your thoughts.  Not the other way around."

2. Stop owning negative labels (wearing the scarlet letter)

This is a big one because it reflects one's self confidence and quite frankly, one's strength--emotional and psychological.

In order to progress through life, you're going to have to block out negativity.  You can't own negative labels people throw on you.

You're not crazy . . . unless you say you are.

You're not stupid . . . unless you say you are.

You're not broke . . . unless you say you are.

Don't let it be a part of your identity.  You are who YOU say you are.

Refuse to wear the scarlet letter.  Speak your world into existence instead.  Start being the person you aspire to be right now.  

Be the change you want to see in your life right now, and stop listening to people who aren't leading the life you want to lead.

3. Be willing to work for your own dreams more than you would for someone else's

A mentor of mine who I follow pretty closely once asked me how many hours per day do I work on my dream (my business), and then asked me how many hours a day I worked as an accountant . . . 

Once I answered him, his next question was: "Why are you willing to spend more time building someone else's dream than you are building your own?"

I didn't know what to say.

Truth is, at the time, I was still in "employee mode".  I wasn't accustomed to being my own boss.  

It takes a lot more discipline than having someone lay out your duties for you.  

When transitioning from employee to entrepreneur, organization and discipline will save you a lot of time and a lot of money in the process.

4. Remember that haters gon' hate

This goes hand in hand with tip #2.

There are gonna be people who don't support you.  They're gonna say things to try and throw you off your path.  They're gonna question you.

You have to remember that paying attention to people who aren't in your corner only destroys you.  

And just to clarify, by "in your corner" I mean those who SUPPORT you and your dreams.

You have to be willing to let go of being right all the time.  The need to be right only leads to confrontation.

You have to be willing to sit back, take a deep breath, and say "You be right. I'll be RICH."

Haters gon' hate.  Even Christ had critics.

5. Create a plan of action

This tip may sound obvious, but you'd be surprised at how many people start their enterprise without a clear plan of action.

A well thought out blueprint is vital if you're serious about reaching your desired outcome in a decent time frame.

Put together a plan and stick with it.  

Remember tip #3--be disciplined in carrying out your plan.  It's the backbone of your enterprise.

6. Be coachable

Here's one that could possibly save you the most time.

The simple quality of being coachable can make or break you in your entrepreneurial efforts.

Whether or not you can let go of your ego will determine how coachable you are. You'll want to be willing to surrender to people who've done what you're trying to do in life.

Follow those who are willing to share their struggles with you.  That's the type of insight that shortens your learning curve and brings you to success much faster than trial-and-error.

Invest in a mentor.  Period.

7. Remember the Golden Rule

An oldie but goodie.

"Do onto others as you would have them do onto you."

See people for the beauty they are.  Stop finding flaws in others and find things you love about them instead.

Have empathy. To get more love, be more loving . . . whether that's in business or in your personal life.

8. Never ever complain

At some point or another, we've all dealt with this.

After all, complaining is so easy.  Put the blame off on something or someone else. It makes it easier for us to deal with the outcome.

But what most people don't know (or they forget) is that you attract more of what you focus on . . . or in this case, what you complain about.

Focus on positive self talk.

Instead of saying "I hate my job!" try saying "I am actively seeking to improve the quality of my life."

Instead of saying "I'm tired of being broke!" try saying "I'm ready to change my financial situation."

Rather than saying "I'm so lazy!" try saying "I'm a recovering procrastinator." instead.

These are great examples of positive self talk.

9. Focus on WHERE you're going TO and not WHAT you're going THROUGH

Always keep your eyes on the prize.

There are so many ways to get distracted and discouraged when transitioning from employee to entrepreneur. There are gonna be challenges.  

There's a chance that things may start to look like they are getting worse before they get better, but keep your faith in your dream and don't let it go.

Visualizing my dreams fulfilled has helped me stay focused on my end goal extremely.  

When you can quiet all the noise around you and see yourself being successful and living your purpose, it's a lot easier to carry out that vision.

10. Stay in the game long enough to reap the benefits

As I just mentioned above, things may start to look as if they are falling apart before they get better.  Weather the storm.  

The transition from employee to entrepreneur isn't always made overnight. So many people quit inches before their breakthrough.

Remember the reason you chose to go for your dreams in the first place.  Why come so far and quit?

Stay in the game and experience the fruits of your labor like every entrepreneur should!

If this information was helpful to you, please share it with anyone you know who recently made the shift from employee to entrepreneur or is considering it.


Take Care,


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If you’re like most people, you aren't necessarily where you’d like to be financially.

Maybe you’re under paid . . .

Maybe you’re severely under paid . . .

Maybe you’re broke . . .

Maybe you’re broke as shit . . .

This post is for you.

How to Program Yourself for Wealth

What if I told you that you can change your current financial situation around almost immediately?

Believe it or not, you can.  And it’s simple . . . easy, even.

There are 2 main reasons you’re broke or not where you’d prefer to be:

  1. You have a “lack” mindset

  2. Your “financial thermostat” is too low

Hear me out.

Lack Mindset

It’s a proven fact that people get more of what think about on a regular basis.  In other words, your perception is your reality.

If you always focus your energy and thinking on the fact that you’re broke, or you can’t afford something, or even that you don’t deserve to be wealthy, then you’ll never receive wealth.  Ever.

That’s called having a “lack” mindset.  You’re stuck on what you lack, instead of what you have or what you want to have in life.

Thus, the first step is eliminating the lack state of mind, and shift to having an abundance mindset; a wealthy mindset.  

Start focusing on your goals and dreams daily.  Replace the negative thinking with the positive.  Do this consistently (on a daily basis), and naturally you’ll begin to take the steps required to manifest your biggest dreams in life.

When I started to do this, my whole world change instantly.  

Opportunities started to flow my way.  Clients started flowing my way.  Valuable relationships started flowing my way.  Abundance started flowing my way. Wealth started flowing my way.  

And nothing was ever the same again.

Homework: Stop feeling sorry for yourself, focusing on what you lack; and focus on what you desire with a wealthy mindset and GO GET IT!

Financial Thermostat

You may be thinking to yourself, “What the hell is a financial thermostat?!”

Understandable haha.  Let me explain . . .

Your “financial thermostat” is your exposure to the luxuries of life up to this point.  

For instance, let’s say you own a Honda Civic.  Your mom owns a Civic, and ever since you were a youngster, you and your family has always had Civics.

In this case, all you know is Honda Civics.  You haven’t been exposed to Lamborghinis or Bentleys.  As a result, you may think they’re unattainable.

What you’ve got to do is raise your financial thermostat.  Start exposing yourself to the finer things in life.

How do you do that?

Easy–think deeply about the finer things in life that you want . . .

Cars, houses, jewelry, beaches, clothes, lifestyle, etc.

Start researching those items and learn about the prices, pros, and cons of them.

Go out and test drive your dream car or look at your dream house.  This will increase your knowledge and awareness of wealth.

My financial thermostat was elevated incredibly when I went to Phuket Island, Thailand for the filming of The A.W.O.L. Experience.

Going to Thailand was my first time stepping foot outside of the States, and it was the best decision I’ve ever made.  My mind was blown.  My eyes were opened.  I had the breakthrough of a lifetime.

Before The A.W.O.L. Experience, my idea of “making it” was living in a big house in the burbs with some nice cars in the garage and money in the bank.

Then I got to the beautiful hillside mansion that we stayed in, overlooking the island with the blue sea in the backdrop . . . and I realized that I was selling myself short.

I was thinking too small.

I realized that there was an entire world out there, with countless places to visit and people to meet.  I realized that not only could I positively influence people in my hometown . . . I could influence people globally.

Now, my financial and personal goals are much higher.

Raising your financial thermostat takes your game to another level, and makes you more conscious of amazing opportunities.

Homework: Start coming from a place of abundance and certainty instead of one of lack and doubt.  Pay attention to the words you use (even the words you say to yourself), for they unequivically shape your reality.

Once you got that taken care of, all you need left is vehicle to get you to your financial dreams . . . and that's where I come in.  

If you're ready to transform your financial situation and start living the lifestyle you dream for you and your family, click the link below and enter your email address. Then pay attention to the message, and take action.


I'll be in touch soon if you're up for it.

Take Care,


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I always considered myself one of the “Lucky Ones”.

I had been blessed with a good job that was somewhat in the same field as what I had studied in undergrad (I was an accountant), whereas a lot of my friend who had graduated from college were either extremely under-employed, or not employed at all.

I also considered myself lucky because I wasn’t in the streets sunrise to sun-fall, hustling and selling drugs, like a lot of my other friends were bred or forced to do.

Yet, I was so miserable that I knew this couldn’t be life.  

I knew that there had to be more in store for me than this “Box Lifestyle” I was trapped in . . . ya know, where you wake up in the morning in box #1 (your room) and you cut on box #2 (your TV) and watch the morning news . . .

Then you get dressed for work and hop in box #3 (your car) and take that dreadful commute to the office, where you get to sit in box #4 (your cubicle) for the next 8-10 hours in front of box #5 (your work computer) . . . 

Once your long shift is over, you hop back in box #3 and take that other dreadful commute back home, so that you can cut box #2 back on for a while.

Finally, once you turn off box #2, you retire to box #1 for bed, only to wake up and do it all again the next morning.

It.  Drove.  Me.  CRAZY.

What Did I Decide To Do?

I decided to do something not many people in my situation would have.  I decided to grab my life by the balls, and dive into entrepreneurship--free enterprise.

Even at the tender age of 24, I knew that I would not be able to reach my true potential, and live my dreams (which we ALL deserve to do) working a job in corporate America . . . or a job period for that matter.

I decided that instead of contributing to someone else's dreams working for a Fortune 500 company, I would contribute to my own because I knew that I deserve it and I knew that my family deserves it.

You deserve to live the lifestyle of your dreams.  It's your birth right.  No one was created to suffer, and go through life empty and unfulfilled.

You can change your situation.  If the pain is great enough, the will to ease that pain is as well.

The question, then, is if your pain is in fact great enough.  The brutal truth is, some people are ok with suffering (as ridiculous as that sounds). Some people are comfortable with being unhappy.

I am not one of those people.

Mentors Are A Blessing

It's critical for you to understand the power and benefits of having a mentor to assist you on your journey to freedom.

Having a mentor you can learn from and model shortens your learning curve astronomically.

Simply put, mentors who know their shit (have done or are currently doing what you're trying to do) save you a shit-load of time, and a shit-load of money.

Fact is, trial-and-error is a hell of a teacher as well, but it's expensive . . . and even more time consuming.

The most successful people in the world, regardless of the arena, know to keep a small yet powerful circle of mentors and trusted advisors to reach their goals more efficiently and effectively.

Grab Your Life By The Balls

It's time to be honest with yourself here.  Does any of this sound like you?

Have you found yourself stuck in the "Box Lifestyle"?

Are you fed up with annoying bosses and coworkers, gun-to-the-head boring staff meetings, and long drawn-out hours in that tiny cubicle?

If so, it's time for you to step up to the plate and deliver. 

"Deliver on what?" You might be thinking at this point . . . 

Deliver on your dreams.

Think about this for a second:  From the time we are born, we are taught to dream big and that we can accomplish whatever we put our minds to.  But we ultimately get to an age where we're now taught to get real and get a job that allows you to pay the bills.

The message changes from "Dream Big" to "Get By" somewhere between the time you were a youngin' and this moment right now.  

I'm here to tell you that it's not too late to make your dreams a reality.  I'm here to tell you that you can live your dreams sooner than later.

If you're ready to grab your life by the balls (or the equivalent lol), leave the corporate lifestyle for the birds, and step into your true potential then click here and enter your information on the next page.

Take Care,


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If you’re human (certainly anyone reading these words), then I’m almost positive that you’ve been in need or extreme want for something . . . at some point of time in your life.


So how do you deal with it?

Some people are so proud, that they will go to the end of the earth to handle it themselves.

They just can’t just bring themselves to ask anyone else for nothin’ . . .

That used to be me.

I’d try any and everything I could think of to make something work out for me . . . as long as I didn’t have to ask anybody else.

Call it pride.

Call it stubbornness.

Call it ridiculousness.

In a way, it’s all of those things.

I felt like it was a sign of weakness to ask others for help.

I felt like it was result of failure.

I was wrong.

Asking for what you want isn’t a sign of weakness, or a result of failure.

It’s a sign of strength, confidence . . . and a bridge to success.

Most of the time, getting what you want is just as easy as asking for it.

The key, then, is knowing exactly how to ask for what you want.

In this post, you’ll learn 5 simple keys to asking for what you want.

I learned this golden brick of knowledge from Tony Robbins, so I’d listen up if I were you . . . 

How To Ask For What You Want

1. Ask specifically and exactly.

Whenever you are asking someone for something . . . be exact.  Be specific as possible.

The more clear you are internally will spread externally in your communication.

Know what you want.  Describe it to the T when asking for assistance.

If you’re asking a friend for money, be specific as to how much you want, and how long you want it.

If you’re asking God, or the Universe, or Buddha, or whoever your higher power is for happiness . . . be specific on what makes you happy.

Paint yourself a vivid picture in your mind, and then paint it verbally to whoever it is you’re asking for help.

2. Ask someone who can help you.

Why waste your time, and “pride” (if you’re that type of person) on someone who can’t help you?

Don’t ask someone who’s broke as shit for money.

Don’t ask a child for legal advice.

Don’t ask a police officer for drugs.

Get it?

3. Create value for whom you’re asking for help.

This one should be obvious, yet it’s where most people come up short.

I’m sure you know someone who’ll just go on and on about how badly they want or need something, hoping and praying that whom they’re asking will have enough altruism and compassion to grant their wish.

Big mistake.

Never fail to eagerly include what’s in it for them.

More than likely, that’s all they care about.

If whom you’re asking doesn’t clearly and vividly see what they get out of the deal or exchange . . . then chances are, you don’t stand a chance homie.

4. Ask with confidence and certainty.

Don’t ask for what you want with you tail tucked between your legs.

Don’t hang your head when asking for what you want.

Have confidence and certainty in your request.

Be confident that whom you’re asking will give you what you’re asking for.

Be certain that the request is one that whom you’re asking will not regret.

This is super important when asking for what you want.

People can senses shame, discomfort, and doubt.

And that makes them doubt giving you what you ask for.

Think about it.

5. Keep asking until you get.

Pop quiz: how many people in history have succeeded at something they gave up on?

Answer: not one fuckin’ person!

If you want something bad enough, you can’t be afraid to ask for it,  and keep asking for it until you get it.

If you can’t do that, then you don’t want it bad enough my friend.

Sometimes it’s gonna take asking more than once, more than twice, hell . . . more than three times even.

Sometimes you gotta wear people down.

Sometimes you gotta let em know you’re fuckin’ serious about this request.

Consistency goes a long way.

Ask, Ask, Ask.

There you have it . . . 5 simple keys to asking for what you want.

Always remember, most times the trick to getting what you want isn’t a trick at all . . . it’s just a matter of asking for it.

Ask people for what you want out of them.

Ask God, or the Universe for what you want in life.

Ask, ask, ask.

If you found this information helpful, all I ask is that you share it with a couple friends.  Spread the knowledge, share the love.


Take Care,


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