How to Make Robots Responsive to Voice

People love automating things nowadays. And all of us don’t love to take effort for getting things done. The thought of reducing human efforts led to the invention of the machine. In simple language, a machine is anything that reduces human effort.

As the science developed, the structure of machines became complicated. We incorporated pulleys, wheels and stuff like that into machines to make the process quick and easier. The invention of electricity found a solution to the scarcity of energy.

But however, science produced more and more developed machines, something that resembles a man and does everything a human can do was far away. People couldn’t imagine a machine that looks like man and do things like the man. It was beyond imagination.

But a science fiction writer named Isaac Asimov visualized a human-like machine, and he called it as Robot. He in his novels explained about the machine and weaved stories with the robots as main characters.


Nevertheless, he was not able to say something technical about robots. So the construction of such a device was not possible for the scientists at that time.

Then came computers. Computers rewrote many principles and conventions. Then it became possible to pre-write tasks and program it into a computer to do a specific task. It paved the way for the invention of robots.

At that time, scientists created a human-like structure and program the function into a chip. Then, they connected the same into the physical structure. Those machines were able to do a particular task only.

But then scientists felt the need of a human-like machine by all means. So, they tried to create a multitasking machine. And I would say, they succeeded to a great extent.

The voice recognition technology is not up to the mark. To make the robot respond to our words, they should recognize what we say. So an API is needed for that.

Here, I am introducing It’s a voice recognition and speech to text API that supports up to 14 languages.

If robot manufacturing companies use this API, I am pretty sure it will become more responsive to voice than it used to be.

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