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10 Awesome Tiny Travel Houses

Do you ever wonder how some people manage to travel so often? Almost all the time? Here you are sitting and planning your next trip, and they are already on their third trip. Crazy isn’t it? 

Wanderlust could be a way of your life too, those people are living proof of that. You just need to make a little change in your way of life. For a traveling lifestyle, you will need a traveling house too. Whether a tiny house or a big one, your house needs to be compact and adequate for the nomad lifestyle. No matter if you are planning to buy one for yourself or researching on how to build a tiny housethe content below will help you, for sure!

Here are 10 tiny travel houses you can have a look at.

1. Escape One XL

A two-story, tiny house on wheels that are made of wood charred using a Japanese wood-preserving technique known as Shou Sugi Ban. It has a living room, a kitchen, and a bathroom on one floor. A passage of wooden staircase takes you to the loft above, which is again a sleeping space. It’s spacious and has big windows, perfect for ventilation.

2. Alpha Tiny House on Wheels

Made in a 240-square-foot area, this tiny house lives by its name. An alpha, literally. It consists of all the modern-day amenities, and it’s surprising to see so much in such a small space. It has different foldable exterior elements such as a deck, roof, and awning so that there is more liberty to regulate the amount of air and light in the house. Inside the house, the furniture transforms easily so that you will get tiny house storage ideas instantly.

3. TH2 by Lumbec

TH2 by Lumbec is a covenant in white pine and stained in steel cladding and stained western red cedar. This 24-foot longhouse has a small living room with some cute and customized tiny house furniture, a private room loft, and a bathroom with a tub.

4. Little Lou

Little Lou is out of corrugated sheeting on the exterior and large metal tub in the bathroom. This 8X24 trailer allows a simple living and offers about 200-square-feet space and a bedroom loft.

Tiny house in nature

5. Lillooet by Westcoast Outbuildings

This is for those who want to live the travel life yet don’t wish to leave the conveniences of a regular household. The outsides are of grey corrugated steel with a lovely roof. The windows are huge, allowing sunlight and air to bless the one living inside the house.

6. Tiny Millennial Home on Wheels

This one is named after its builder, Tiny. However, it’s way beyond just being tiny. It’s aesthetic looking, modern, and has the right amount of space. It’s one of the best tiny house designs when it comes to space utilization. Currently, it’s one Airbnb vacation rental.

7. The Denali by Timbercraft Tiny Homes

Based on a triple-axle trailer, this tiny house is very spacious. However, it’s a long one, which makes it difficult to tow. It is suitable for those travelers who prefer staying at one location for a considerable amount of time. 

8. Wohnwagon Tiny House on Wheels

A self-sufficient mobile home is offering a unique living experience within a space of 25-square-meter. It counts as one of the unique tiny house ideas, mostly made of natural and recycled materials. Also, it has multiple sustainable features. The rounded frame clad made of larch wood adds a different essence to its exteriors. 

9. Peacock Tiny House on Wheels

This one is a classic. It’s an impressive mobile home with an old hippie design, featuring a uniquely-designed balcony that is accessed via a staircase from the back. Its highlight is its tiny house kitchen, which is designed in a south-western flair.

10. Cypress by Tumbleweed Tiny Houses

Cypress has two bedrooms, a living room, a kitchen, a small porch, and a tiny house bathroom.

The wood-paneled walls and ceilings perfectly complement each other, adding to the overall look of this tiny dwelling. Living in this one would be a really fun experience. 

Wooden tiny house

For Those Who Want to Build Their Own Tiny House

Now when you have got some inspiration for your tiny travel house, it’s time for some points to remember.

Minimize Your Dependence on Electricity

We don’t mean to end it ultimately, but it’s gonna be a considerable amount of change. Keep the care minimum with you, and one thing that you must have with you is the best solder for electronics.  You are on the go, and you never know when your devices ditch you, be prepared with the right equipment with you. 

Use a Compost Toilet

A toilet is an expensive fixture, and merely installing it doesn’t mean it’s done. There are other issues like plumbing and fixing that take time and money. A compost toilet is an inexpensive alternative. It’s super easy to use and doesn’t bother you with plumbing troubles.

Don’t Forget to Latch All Your Stuff

It’s basic physics. Things tend to fall in a moving object. As a potential resident of a tiny house, make sure you fix everything so that they don’t slip when you drive to your next destination. 

Foldable Furniture Is Your BFF

You won’t have much space in your tiny house, and it will require you to make some adjustments. The best way to utilize the limited space is to get furniture that can be folded when not needed. The foldable bed, foldable coffee table, etc.

Utilize the Vertical Space

If you are someone who has lived in big houses, vertical space would be an alien concept for you. Now it’s time to understand it. Utilizing vertical space is an excellent way of keeping things in better quantities. Put some shelves in your home, and you can take your favorite collection of books to your next journey.


We hope these recommendations and tips help you live your wonderful travel life. Yeah, it’s a little challenging yet gives you the most important learnings and unforgettable experiences. Also, once you are good to go, do share your experience of arranging for this new lifestyle. If you have any suggestions, do email us. We will make sure we incorporate your valuable opinions!

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