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10 tips for stress-free air travel with children

Traveling with children may seem like a normal thing to do, but trust me it isn’t. Children are a huge responsibility, and when you are going somewhere on an airplane they become even bigger. It is no wonder why parents struggle a lot to keep their kids happy and out of trouble at the airports, and at the cruising altitude of their airplane. Controlling kids at home is totally different than at any airport or in the air. So you will need a proper guidance and counseling in the form of tips before you head out on your trip. In this article, I am going to share with you 10 amazing tips for stress-free air travel with children.

When the holiday season is approaching, every kid in the house and their parents are high on their energy and excitement for the upcoming tour. But there is always going to be a few things that will cause stress to the parents. In order to avoid these things, I am going to share these tips with you, so that you can enjoy a stress-free air travel. So, enhance your journey with the following 10 tips and enjoy every second with your family.

10 Tips for stress-free air travel with children

#1 planning your trip with a travel agent

When traveling with children, it is important to plan every detail. So for this reason, I recommend you to plan your trip with a renowned travel agent or an agency. They can help you with a traveling itinerary, as well as booking flights, hotel accommodation, and much more. You can also seek trip advices from a renowned travel blog where informative articles are shared to assist all travellers. Jfisky is a great platform to look for information relevant to travel, destinations, culture, food, and etc. Read it regularly and you will learn more about convenient ways to travel.

#2 Plan in advance for minimum hand-luggage

When you are traveling with your little ones, you need to make sure that you have a minimum amount of hand-luggage. You need to pay your complete attention to your kids, which is why I recommend you to make sure before even leaving the home that you have a minimum amount of hand carry items. You can also give your toddlers some items to carry such as a book, a bag of snacks, toys, or any other thing that makes them occupied. It will also help them develop a charisma of responsibility in their character. This notion will not only make your journey easy and smooth but also it will make it stress-free.

#3 Checking-in online

When you arrive at the airport, you are always worrying about the check-in and the time it will cost you. But that can all be avoided when you check-in online, and you know where you will sit in the plane as you already have your boarding passes. You just have to drop your luggage and pay attention to your kids. This takes a lot of stress away from your head, so it comes highly recommended from me.

#4 Invest in a Trunki

Trunkis are generally an overpriced accessory, but when you are traveling with your kids, they may become their best friend. It will take a lot of your stress from your mind and your kids will enjoy riding it everywhere and indirectly helping you with the luggage. This will also help you to save your kid’s energy, so you won’t have to carry them along with your luggage at the airport.

#5 Minimize shopping at the airport

You need to make a list of things that you may need at the airport, or in the airplane before you even leave your home. Try to manage them in your luggage or hand-carry, and make sure you don’t end up buying anything extra. In this way, you won’t have to think about anything else that you may need in your traveling for yourself or your kids.

#6 Reach airport in advance

Always leave early for the airport and keep a healthy margin for traffic jams, flat-tire or any other mishap that can cost your precious time. If you are traveling alone, you can simply take another taxi and leave for the airport, but when you are traveling with kids, you need to take care of them as well. So it is wise to leave early for the airport, and reach early so that you can easily navigate through the customs, checking, checking-in, boarding, and immigration if you are leaving for another country. Try to find a seat with a window in the airplane, so that you can keep your toddlers pre-occupied all the time.

#7 Carry a DVD player, or a tablet to keep your kids pre-occupied

As much as I am against this trend of giving kids an easy access to electronic items and gadgets such as mobile phones, DVD players, or tablets, I highly recommend that you carry one or two for them when you are traveling by air. It is important to keep them occupied all the time so that they don’t cause any trouble. They can play games, or watch anything constructive in it. In this way, they can also learn about new skills or things that can help them become a better individual, or help them in their development.

#8 Pack a pillow

Packing a pillow when traveling by air may seem like a pretty small thing to do, but trust me you will always need it. You can simply not place a hand or any of your jackets under the head of your child. Instead, it is wise to carry a pillow for your trip. Pillows also come in handy for little extra comfort.

#9 Carry high energy food items

When traveling in long-haul flights with your kids, you need to carry high energy food items such as candies, chocolates and protein bars. Your kids can feel hungry anytime and when they do, they can cause you a lot of stress with their cries and whines. So it is better to carry some high energy food items for them.

#10 Create fictional airplane police to make your kids behave

Last but not least, you need to make sure that your kids believe about a fictional airplane police so that they can behave all the time. You can feed them with fake stories about the police that how they take away all the misbehaving kids from their parents. It is imperative they believe such stuff, as sometimes kids can cause a havoc up in the air and you have nothing to do or say in those situations other than being embarrassed in front of other travelers. So tell them not to, or airplane police will never hesitate to take them away.

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