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13 Reasons You Should Take the Family to Asia

The world may be getting smaller, but it’s still a pretty darn big place. Just take a look at Asia. If you’re from the west, it’s difficult to imagine a place more different than the Eastern continent. Lively, full of colour, endlessly diverse; it’s an enchanting place, wherever you’re from. That’s why it makes for a terrific family trip. It might sound like a radical idea, especially when your compare it to a standard trip to Disneyland, but by the end of this article, you might just be looking at eastern bound flights.  

The Prices Will Knock You Out

Alright, we know that there’s more to life than money, but we can’t pretend like it’s not an important factor. On this front, Asia is only good news. While there are one or two places with comparable prices to the UK and America, overall the cost of travelling is far, far cheaper – just check out to see how much money can be saved. So while you might have to spend more on flights than usual, you’ll find that you’re money will go much further in Asia than in the States or Europe. If you’re going to earn a buck, you may as well make sure that it’ll go as far as possible, right?!

It’s a Travel Hub!

We talk about ‘Asia’, but really, this is a massive continent; it has 48 countries, for example. Yet wherever you travel to in Asia, you’ll find that you have the rest of the continent on your doorstep. Internal flights are insanely cheap over there, and they’re frequent too. It’s conceivable that you’ll make a last minute decision on a Friday evening to leave the lights of the city and head to the beach for the weekend. Where else do you get such freely-available adventure?

You Can Stay Wherever You Want

We’ve already said that Asia is endlessly diverse, and it is. As such, you can choose just about any accommodation that you think of, and the continent will provide. Some of Asia is famous for its backpacker culture, so there are many hostels, but this is only a small percentage of the continent. By and large, Asia is a family-friendly network of cities, neighbourhoods, beaches, nature, and just about anything and everything else. If you’re looking for something more ‘homey’, then check out and take a look at the available rental properties. You’ll have the space you need to unwind, while also have bags of fun adventurers right on your doorstep.

It’s Different

You probably spend many of your vacations going to the same tried and tested places. Of course, you go there for a reason: they’re fun! But those places you always go to will still be there next year, and the year after that, and the many years after that! When it comes to travel to far-flung places, the longer you delay, the less likely it is that you’ll end up going. This year, cast off the usual getaways and go for something completely different. When everyone else is talking about their travel plans, you won’t be caught up in the “we’re going to the beach/to see family/and so on”; you’ll be able to wow people by your off-beat family destination.

pexels-photo-315191One of many scenes that awaits you Source:

A Healthy, New Perspective

Most people never really have their view of the world challenged. They might travel in their own country or in places that are culturally similar to their home, but they never truly experience just how different life can be in other parts of the globe. By taking your family to Asia, you’ll see that life is far from uniform; it comes in many different forms. While you know that home will always be home, there’s nothing wrong with expanding your mind and having some of your preconceptions about the order of the world put into a new perspective.

A Global View

And it’s not just you that’ll be expanding their mind. What about your kids? They’ll already have been exposed to the western way of the world, but it’ll be less ingrained than it would be if they were adults. This is a recipe for a successful life. Indeed, there are many benefits to taking your children across the world, whether just for travelling or to live; check out for a few examples.You can never underestimate just how important it is for children to grow up with an open mind. Indeed, this is one of the most underrated qualities a person can have in today’s forever changing world. And by taking them across Asia, you’ll be giving them just that.

Cultural Differences

You’re only taking the family to Asia for a short period; you’re not abandoning your home forever and ever. Having spent a few weeks exploring a culture that is so different from your own, you’ll you’ll find that when you return home you reevaluate your home surroundings through the lens of everything you’ve learned, such is the difference of how things operate in Asia. There’ll be things that you dislike, things that you like more than you realised, and a whole host of other observations. In other words, you’ll appreciate the land that nurtured you in an entirely new way.

Animals Everywhere

Sure, you could go to the zoo to see some funky animals that you would normally see in your neighborhood, but can that really compete with seeing those animals in their natural environment? Of course it can’t. Depending on where in Asia you go, you’ll be able to see creatures that include pandas, moneys, whale sharks, tigers, komodo dragons, and much more. There are few things in life more precious than seeing a majestic animal just going about its daily business.  

A Diverse Trip

Here’s the other thing about Asia: it’s endlessly diverse. Whatever you like to do, you’ll have the opportunity to do it. Love getting lost in big cities? You got it. Love visiting historic points of interest? You got it. Rainforests? Beaches? Mountains? You’ll find them all in Asia, and because getting around is affordable, you won’t have to choose between one trip or another. You can do something new everyday, if you like! Is there a particular sport that your children have been interested in trying? Then no worries: you can just go ahead and do it.

Everything is Interesting

No-one’s going to pretend that life in the UK and USA isn’t interesting. It definitely is. However, we’ve become so accustomed to the order of life here, that we often don’t see those interesting points. When you and your family are travelling in a completely different culture, then suddenly every small thing is interesting, from the person selling fruit on the corner to the wildlife that roams the streets. To you, this will be a celebration of the diversity of the human race. To your children, it’ll be akin to walking through a magical kingdom, one in which where all the usual rules of life seem to have been abandoned.

A Culinary Journey

Say goodbye to hamburger and fries; you’re going to be eating very well if you decide to spend your vacation time in Asia. The continent is famous for its delicious, creative meals, which also happen to be healthy (many of the oldest people in the world live in Asian countries). So aside from expanding your mind, you might also find that everyone is fitter when they return home than when they left, too.


Sushi: One of the finest ways to eat. Source:

It’ll Bring You Closer As a Family

You should have everything sussed about how things operate when you’re travelling in your home country or the surrounding areas. You’ve spent enough time there, after all. But when you’re half-way across the globe? That’s another story altogether. You’ll be just as confused as your children. You’ll have to work together with your partner to make sure everything runs smoothly, and you’ll soon find that even your kids are piping up with useful nuggets of information that you’ve overlooked. The result will be your family being closer together. So don’t just think about a trip to Asia as an opportunity to have fun – though it is that as well – view it as a chance to put your family chemistry to the test. Will you pass? Of course you will

Few People Regret It

And finally, the final reason: what have you go to lose? It’s rare that people regret a travelling experience. While you’ll be taking yourself and the family out of your comfort zone, the many special moments, photographs, and memories that you acquire during your trip will make everything worthwhile. People only tend to regret the things that they didn’t do; not the ones they did! If you’ve been convinced, start making plans and get your travelling adventure underway.

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