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5 Amazing Apps for Solo Travellers

To travel with a friend or someone who can really understand you is always exciting and has certain advantages. When you go to some unknown place it can be really stressful, but if you are not alone you are not that scared, and it is much safer for you and your belongings. It is also less expensive as you share the expenses. Finally, what is good about having fun alone, see something amazing and not being able to share your excitement, get into a funny accident and have no one to laugh about it. But sometimes it is really hard to find someone who can travel with you because of various reasons whether it is a tight budget or necessity to work. In this case, progress in a software development comes to rescue solo travellers. Here I’d love to present you few applications that will help you to feel all the pluses of solo travelling and at the same time won’t let you feel lonely and bored.

Party with a Local

Exploring soulless tourists bars on your own may become an unpleasant experience. But you can always join a great party community with the “Party with a Local” app. Find local people who have same preferences as you and get an authentic feel for the nightlife of the place you are staying in. Create a spontaneous meeting via real-time chat and discover the best clubs and bars a short distance away.


Meet nearby travellers who share your wishes to see and try something new. When you login you create a profile which will be available to other users, browsing all these profiles you can find someone with the same destination and interests. Message new people, meet them and head off for new adventures together. Ask for an advice other travellers, explore surroundings with the ‘nearby’ tab and the whole world with the ‘worldwide’ tab.


One more cool application to find and connect with a like-minded travel buddy, to ask locals about great places off the beaten path. Insert your location and residence time, have a look at those who will be at the same place with you and connect with them, chat, arrange plans.


This application unites backpackers with locals who don’t mind to offer a coach and meal. More than 50,000 app members cook together, have sightseeing tours, attend parties and learn languages. Connect with people through personal account and make arrangements.


In some cases to find locals who would like to help you with advice and join your company for the time you stay in the city isn’t the problem, but the inability to communicate with them due to the different languages can be. If you faced this problem during your trip then ePenpal is for you. It instantly translates your messages exchange into more than 60 languages. Besides, the app can be a travel journal as far as it creates photo essays and text or voice stories.

For more tips how to find friends travelling alone, check this article.

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