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5 Amazing Outdoor Activities to do with a Group of Friends

What could be more exciting than planning a holiday with a group of good friends around an adventure activity that you all can enjoy? Learning new skills or sharing time together doing something you all love makes for great holidays. There’s nothing quite like making new memories with mates.

It does take some effort to get all the logistics right, “lining up all your ducks in row” so that things run smoothly, but it will be worth it. Here are a few tips for surviving a group holiday to help you all enjoy your time.

You will need to consider whether you wish to travel far from home or whether something closer will suit everybody. Don’t overlook what might be right on your doorstep. Here are some excellent ideas for outdoor activities in the UK.


Imagine hiring a yacht for a week and sailing away with your buddies. If you are all new to the sport then you can join a sailing school and learn together. However if a few of you already enough experience you can learn from your mates while cruising the seas. Sailing can be anything from relaxing to wild racing so choose what suits best for your group.

Scuba Diving

Learning to scuba dive as a group can be lots of fun and you will learn a skill that you can all use for future holidays. It takes between 3-5 days to achieve the first level of proficiency where you train to dive to 18 meters. There are many places within easy flying distance around Europe and North Africa that offer excellent resorts with reputable dive centers. You could consider doing the academic part of the course online and finish the physical aspect of the course in another country.

White Water Rafting

White water rafting can be loads of fun and no group member needs to have any previous experience. It does help if everyone is a reasonably competent swimmer but raft guides know how to look after everyone. Part of the fun is getting wet and you will have life jackets. For some other water sport ideas check out the activities in this Fly with Nate article.

Skiing or Snowboarding

For a group winter sport, you can’t go past skiing or snowboarding. As a group you can plan to stay together in a chalet and daily hit the slopes together. Even if everyone has different competency levels it is easy enough to meet up throughout the day for meals and partying. And of course après ski is always a group activity to be enjoyed by all. If your group really loves exploring cold places think about other winter activity suggestions here.


A great way to explore some areas in the countryside and in summer alpine regions is to go mountain biking as a group. There are different places for biking to suit all levels of experience. Start with easy trails along well established lowland paths and then tackle wilder cross country tracks and maybe even a few speedy downhill tracks for the most experienced racers.

Horse Riding

There is always a good view when riding a horse and going on a horse trek for a few days is a great way to see the back country or even go on safari. It is better for enjoyment if group members have some experience but having a trusted mount is most important.

So what are you waiting for? Get your buddies together and decide what your next exciting outdoor adventure will be and start planning now. Let the fun begin!

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