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5 Amazing Places to See Before You Die

World is full of beautiful places and it is not really possible to see all the places in the world. However, you must still try to see some of the amazing places situated in different parts of the world. Travelling is always fun if you choose to travel to the right places with the right set of people. Listed below are the top 5 places which you should definitely visit before you die.

Places to See before you Die

  • The Great Barrier Reef

It is considered to be theworld’s largest collection of coral reef present in Queensland, Australia. The great barrier reef extends across 1,400 miles and it is so large that it is visible from space. This barrier reef of Australia is also included in the seven wonders of the Natural world. If you are interested in exploring underwater life, then this is the place to go.

  • Stonehenge

Stonehenge is situated in Amesbury, England. According to some people, this place is just a home to a pile of 25-ton rocks. However, the sight is actually very beautiful to look at. Moreover, a lot of mystery surrounds this place.Hire a guided tour who will tell you in detail about this place. At the time of sunset, you can enjoy the astonishing glow of setting sun between these Stonehenge pillars. If you are interested in watching one of the places that forms a wallpaper on Windows PC, then this is the place.

  • Salar De Uyuni

Salar De Uyuni is a very big salt flat. It is the largest salt flat in the world which extends over an area of 4,806 square miles.Itis situated in Bolivia and was formed by several ancient lakes. During the rainy season, Salar De Uyuni becomes so reflective that it is used to calibrate satellites. If you are interested in watching the wold’s largest mirror, then this is the places you must visit.

  • Yellowstone National Park

It is a very massive national park situated in the United States of America. It is so big that it extends over three states of the USA. The Yellowstone National Park incorporates various breath taking sights which you would never like to miss. Some of the popular areas of this national park are Mammoth Hot Springs Area and Old Faithful geyser. An amazing collection of hot springs and geyser makes this a must visit place before dying.

  • Bora Bora

If you love to spend your time amidst vast stretches of water, then you must definitely visit Bora Bora in French Polynesia before you die. This island is a home to extraordinary turquoise waters, beautiful greenery and white sand beaches. This place is far more beautiful than one can imagine which makes it one of the most amazing place in the world.

No matter where you stay, you must definitely visit these places before you die. In order to visit these places, you might have to struggle a bit but once you will reach there, you will realise that everything was worth it.

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