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5 Memorable travel spots in Kakadu

There are many different reasons why people choose Australia as their travel destination. The diverse scenic beauty across the landmass of the country is definitely one of these. Those interested in exploring beautiful natural settings and the landmarks associated with them come here to vacation. Some tourists are coming to enjoy the best trips to Kakadu, which is hugely popular.

It is often referred to as the Kakadu National Park. Nestled in the northern portion of Australia, this is more than the average park. It serves as a nature reserve to a vast array of animals and wildlife. This is also a location that has some of the most unique terrain, including bodies of water, mountainous areas, and archeological displays. There is a lot to do here and in the surrounding areas, as well.

Along with these memorable attractions, this is also a location for families, groups, and couples to enjoy. There are different types of things to see and visit for travelers trying to get the most out of their vacations. According to Australian Tourism Statistics, last year there were 8+ million arrivals into the country by travelers. This means that about 1,004 people arriving every hour to some amazing locale.

The Beginnings of the Park

Established officially as a park in 1979, Kakadu is also considered to be a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This process of three individual phases actually began in 1981. The park was selected for this designation based upon its ethnological and archeological value. There are 2,000 plant species here, along with aboriginal rock painting, and a variety of turtles, crocodiles, and birds.

Situated 240 kilometers from Darwin, the capital city of the Northern Territory, the park is massive. It offers scientists and researchers from various areas of inspiration and insight. Covering 20,000 square kilometers, tourists get the opportunity to see biodiversity with their own eyes. There are sights here that can be seen nowhere else in the world. Let’s take a look at 5 Memorable Travel Spots in Kakadu:

1 – Absorb History in Ubirr

Ubirr is one of the most visited sites in the park because of its historic offerings. This is one of two places here where you will see gorgeous Aboriginal art galleries on rock. These can be seen by following a walking track to their location. Visitors climb a steep outlook, which displays brilliant views of the floodplains. This particular site provides three examples of vividly detailed rock art to visit.

The Main Gallery area exhibits displays of different types of animals through the art. Hunting practices and daily life depictions are visible. It is possible to view works at the other galleries, the Rainbow Serpent and the Namarrgarn Sisters. Generally, it takes an hour to walk this track from the parking lot. The outlook climb takes 30 minutes in addition to the walk itself.

2 – Visit the Maguk Waterfall

Although this not one of the most well-known attractions, it holds a lot of interest and wonder. The sights and sounds here hypnotize visitors. There is a serene setting that is both refreshing and relaxing. Visitors get the opportunity to not only see the waterfall but to experience it themselves. This is a natural waterfall that also has a plunging pool for tourists to enjoy and swim in.

The base portion of the deep gorge walls makes a sensational place to enjoy the water. This is the perfect place to see worlds interact. You will discover rainbow pitas, as well as, drongos from the rainforest views. Along with these, there are outstanding displays of the Anbinik trees that detail the mountain slopes. This travel spot is an hour away from Cooinda and requires a 4-wheel drive vehicle.

3 – Experience the Crocodiles

Many families and groups select this particular Australian travel spot because of all of the nature it offers. Experiencing the crocodiles is certainly one way to explore this part of the world. The border of Arnhem Land provides stunning sights of the East Alligator River. Here tourists spend an entire day cruising down the river to catch views of crocodiles in their natural habitat.

Globally, there are 23 saltwater crocodile species. The ones in this country referred to as Ginga are the largest of these. They are known to be both furious hunters and aggressive fighters. There are also smaller species in the park that are often thought of as being shy. This is also a terrific area for bird-watching activities. These and other wildlife can be seen along this exciting journey.

4 – Explore Indigenous Sites

Exploring indigenous Aboriginal sites is an interactive way to see Kakadu. This type of excursion is conducted by a guide. You get the opportunity to tour the area, as well as, learn about their culture and traditions. This includes topics, such as native cuisine, basket weaving arts, and hearing creation stories. Walking side-by-side with your tour guide gives visitors the chance to ask questions.

This tour also includes rock art galleries and other important information. The guide is a subject matter expert and offers historic tales about these landmarks. Travelers get the opportunity to hear about initial Aboriginal first encounters with Europeans. This educational way to see the park is combined with views of diverse wildlife and plant species.

5 – See It from Above

Aerial views provide you with an entirely new experience of the park. It is possible to enjoy a flight around Kakadu National Park. This is an opportunity to see the vastness of this travel spot, as well as, the overall setting itself. Famous sandstone plateaus, wetlands, and floodplains can be seen inspirationally from above. These colorful and vibrant scenes can be enjoyed through a helicopter ride.

Other tourists may opt for a fixed-wing flight around the park, as well. These are available during both the rainy and dry seasons. They can be booked from Darwin and within Kakadu. Some of the amazing sights on these flights are Jim Jim Falls, Twin Falls, and East Alligator River. Depending on the flight option you choose the times vary from a 30 minute trip to a 2-hour trip.

It does require an entry fee to enter into the Park. Any additional information can be obtained from the visitor center. The possibilities are endless as you explore this expansive park and reserve. Everything from walking through ancient shelters in Nourlangie or a boat ride along the Yellow Water Billabong creates special memories of your trip to Australia.

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