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5 Reasons You Should Visit Manchester

Title: 5 Reasons You Should Visit Manchester

For a lot of international travelers looking into visiting England, two main options emerge: London, or a broader tour of the countryside. This makes perfect sense, given that London is one of the world’s greatest and most interesting cities and the English countryside is famous worldwide for its serene, timeless beauty. However, narrowing things down to these two travel options does a great injustice to some really amazing alternative cities throughout the country.

One that’s more interesting and enjoyable than it gets credit for is Manchester. Located just northeast of Liverpool by the Peak District National Park, Manchester is known primarily as an industrial city, but has become so much more over the years. These are just some of the reasons it’s so thoroughly worth visiting.

You Can Walk Along The Canals

Manchester is occasionally referred to as the Venice of the North (though this is also a title occasionally applied to Amsterdam in the Netherlands). This is because of a network of canals that crisscross through the city, built in the aforementioned industrial era to make it easier for boats to bring in coal supplies. Now, the canals make Manchester a very charming city to walk in certain areas. For that matter, you can also explore the canals on a river cruise if you like, and pass by many of the city’s most noteworthy landmarks as you go.

You Can See Incredible Football

Simply put, Manchester is home to two of the best and most prestigious football clubs in England, and indeed all of Europe. Manchester United and Manchester City play in iconic stadiums, represent long traditions of winning, and of course enjoy a rivalry with one another. Seeing either club live is a treat, not just for the quality of the football but for the fan experience. Manchester locals are very passionate about the sport, and more broadly speaking sports betting is legal in England and covers more or less anything you could put odds on, meaning it’s not uncommon for people to have a little bit of personal investment in outcomes. This only adds to the passion and intensity of the experience.

You Can Go Clubbing

Manchester is actually renowned for its club scene. It’s not for the faint of heart, and if you’re not particularly interested in late nights, loud music, and pulsing crowds, you can certainly find a nice pub in town as well. But arguably more than any other city in England, this is a place for fun, reliable clubs.

You Can Hang Out At The Quays

The Quays is a sort of fascinating tourist attraction in Manchester, largely because of its history. As one account describes it, it’s an area that’s gone from busy industrial dock to 21st century cultural hub in just over 100 years. The area was actually established by Queen Victoria in the late-19th century as a sort of dock/passageway to welcome ships into the canal system and generally make Manchester more accessible. Now, however, the Quays is a modern-looking, beautiful waterside area, and a hub for businesses, museums, galleries, restaurants, and shops.

You Can Go To The Library

This doesn’t sound too generally thrilling, does it? Well, in Manchester there’s actually a library that functions as one of the main attractions. The John Rylands Library is an old Victorian establishment, gorgeous on the inside and out, with an almost cathedral-like look to it. Known for rare books and historical documents, it houses a very cool collection to explore, but is also simply a relaxing and beautiful place to explore.

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