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5 Things To Look Out For In A Perfect Holiday Villa

It’s nearly the summer again. And for those living in the northern hemisphere, that finally means an end to the months of cold, wet weather.

It’s usually around this time of year – when the weather starts to turn for the better – that many of us start thinking about our summer holiday.

And thanks to the freedom that it offers, more and more people are looking to stay in self-catering accommodation. They don’t want to be told what they can eat. They don’t want to be told what time they have to go to bed. And they want to be able to party with friends and family as they please.

Some holiday homes are better than others, however. So here’s what a perfect holiday villa should offer.


A great holiday home should have an excellent location. There’s no point going to a vacation home that backs on to an industrial estate or is miles away from the action. If you’re going on an adventure holiday, for example, choose a villa that’s close to the trails. If you’re going to a national park, try to get inside the national park itself. And make sure you get a location that doesn’t require you to travel for miles just to go for a walk or a bike ride.




If you’re off to a hot place, the perfect villa has to have a pool. Temperatures in southern Europe can soar up to 45 degrees in the summer, and sometimes higher. So having a pool to cool off during the heat of the day is almost a necessity. You can browse our luxury collection of villas with pools to find one that suits you.


There is a growing camp of people who think that when you go on holiday, it’s a noble thing to disconnect from the web. These people see the internet as an intrusion on their personal space and their liberty. After all, space and freedom are what they’re trying to achieve on holiday.

However, the internet is just another tool, and like anything else, it comes down to how you use it. You don’t have to use it to answer work emails, and you don’t have to use it to find out what people back home are having for breakfast. But you can use it for entertainment, shopping or even educating yourself.

The perfect holiday villa will have a fast internet connection that gives you access to all the content you need.

Double Bedrooms For Everyone

You’re not at home now. It’s time for a bit of luxury. If you’re going with a large group of friends, choose a luxury villa that gives everyone their double bedroom. Don’t spend a week sleeping on top of each other and getting on each other’s nerves.

Cleaning Staff

Most villas aren’t cleaned until the end of your stay, which can sometimes be up to two weeks. In that time, things can get messy.

But you’re on holiday, and you don’t want to be spending all your time cleaning up. The perfect villa, therefore, is one where cleaning staff come and clean up. Occasionally.

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