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5 Ways To Enjoy Your Weekend In Los Angeles

There are many reasons why Los Angeles is known as the entertainment capital of the world. There are movies, theater, culture, music and an incredible array of things to do even if you are there just for the weekend. So, it naturally was my solution for a short break from work. All I did was figure out a fast and convenient way to park my vehicle through LaGuardia airport parking and then I flew into Los Angeles.

OUE Skyspace LA

Start your weekend by traveling up – literally. I soared 1000 feet above LA in the OUE Skyspace LA. This observation deck gave me a stunning panoramic view of LA and it was an experience to cherish. If you want to do something truly daring, take a trip on the Skyslide.

This is a good old fashioned slide. If you were to take away a few important aspects:

It is made of 4” thick glass.

It connects the 70th floor of the building to the 69th floor of the US Bank Tower

It lasts just a few seconds but

You cover a distance of 45 feet.

Go figure! PS – I did take the plunge…

L.A. Art Tours

Downtown LA is home to one of the most vibrant and interesting Arts District. The only way to take in the energy here is to go on a walking tour. This is a walking tour that will allow you to check out the best of wall murals and graffiti that LA has on offer. It is advisable to use a guide or tie up with someone who knows the spaces really well. I walked for around 2 miles with frequent stops to admire murals that had animals, historic figures, marine life, motorcycles and even had a chat with one of the artists.

LA County Museum of Art

I love art and that is why I chose the LACMA as a destination. There are outdoor installations and works by the Masters on display here. While there were so many masterpieces that moved me, I loved the Urban Light sculpture. This is a collection of street lamps, dating back to the 1920s and 30s. They have been restored lovingly and creatively to become iconic. To me, it was like an ocean of light that drew me in.

Ocean Front Walk

Also known as Venice Boardwalk, this is a wacky, surreal and hyper-interesting space. I swear you can find every possible human being and activity here. Do not be surprised to find tarot card readers, sophisticated performance artists, singers and jugglers rubbing shoulders with tattoo artists, people who walk on glass and sand sculptors.

Hollywood Walk of Fame

Spend some time with the stars. There are many ways in which you can enjoy the Hollywood part of LA and the Hollywood Walk of Fame is one of them. It is great fun to look for and find the stars that have immortalized your favorite on-screen personalities. Take a picture with the star of your star! There are stars for Mickey Mouse and Snoopy too!


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