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7 Reasons Why Mexico Is America’s Favourite Holiday Destination

Mexico will always be one of America’s number one destinations, and it’s not because it’s on the same continent. Mexico is filled with wonderful encounters and spectacular sights, backed up by a range of delicious cuisine and some cultural traditions that you’ll remember for the rest of your days. Ever thought about visiting Mexico? Here are a couple of reasons why it will always be America’s favourite holiday destination.

  1. One of the cheapest holidays you’ll ever experience

Mexico is a surprisingly cheap holiday destination. Not only can you find cheap flights to Mexico City, but you’ll also be surprised at how inexpensive food, public transport and even accommodation can be if you’re willing to look around at different options.

  1. Some of the most delicious food you’ll ever encounter

Fresh, quality food straight from Mexico is hard to beat. If your only exposure to Mexican food is Taco Bell (if it can even be called Mexican food!) then you’re in for a real treat. There are street food stands that offer delectable treats and popular restaurants that kick it up a notch. Whatever your budget or tastes are, there’s something for you here in Mexico.

  1. Bustling music scene that will surprise you

Sure, clubbing in Mexico is fairly popular and standard for most visitors, but what you should really be paying attention to are the mariachi groups and bands that play traditional music around the country. Mexican music is incredibly varied and your ears will be delighted at all of the traditional instruments and sounds.

  1. Some of the friendliest locals ever

Something that everyone agrees with after visiting Mexico is that the locals are incredibly friendly and patient with tourists. Even if you don’t speak much Spanish, the locals are so welcoming that they’ll go out of their way just to help you. Whether you’re having trouble planning your journey or want recommendations on where to eat, the locals will be more than happy to assist you.

  1. Spectacular sights that will dazzle you

From beaches to mountain hikes, Mexico has everything that a budding explorer could ask for. In fact, there are so many varied landscapes that Mexico would make the perfect backpacking destination once you’re accustomed to it. If you’re more into history and culture, then visit some of the outer cities and villages that ooze with tradition.

  1. History that will leave you breathless

If the sights are sounds weren’t enough, then the history will be the icing on the cake when you visit Mexico. Around the country, you’ll find pyramids and other archaeological sites that are well-known tourist destinations. While it’s always a good idea to watch for tourist traps, there’s no denying that the history of Mexico its underrated and demands more attention.

  1. Ease and accessibility

Mexico will always be an easy holiday destination to access and because of that, there are countless packages and deals being made all the time. You can find all-inclusive deals for rock-bottom prices and everything will be taken care of you. If you want a simple solution for a no-fuss holiday, then Mexico is your best bet.

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