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A Glimpse into four unique Seas on the planet Earth

Earth never fails to surprise us with some of the stunning and amazing places. While most of it has been explored and revealed to the world, there still many things we are ignorant about. That’s the beauty of the nature. And this astonishing beauty contains some of the unique places which very well may surprise us and led to the question ‘Do they really exist’? Well, they do and are also popular for their unique characteristics. Below is the list of some unique heard and unheard seas across the globe, that makes the planet earth a spectacular planet.

  1. Red Sea

The name itself signifies the color of the sea, Red. This is basically because of blue algae Trichodesmium Erythraeum found in abundant in the sea, this algae dye the blue-green water of the sea into orange-red, and hence the name.  Red sea is a water inlet in the Indian Ocean stretched between Asia and Africa, covering nine countries and 25 islands, and is known for its amazingly beautiful coral reefs. It contains over1000 species of fishes, 200 coral types and 1000 species of invertebrates. Wonderful isn’t’ it? Also all this has made the Red Sea very common and popular diving spot. After all who would want to view such a stunning underwater marine life?


  1. Caspian Sea

While in schools, most of you have or read about the Caspian Sea. Contrary to the common belief, Caspian Sea is not the largest fresh water lake. In fact, it the largest enclosed inland body of water on this planet and pose both the attributes of sea and lake. Caspian Sea is land-locked between five littoral countries namely Russia, Iran, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan. Also known as Mazandaran Sea or Hyrcanian Sea, it alone forms around 40-44 percent of the world’s total lake water. Given the countries it is bordered by, the place is considered to be very rich in minerals and natural resources.


  1. Dead Sea

One of the most unique seas of the world , the Dead Sea has derived its name due to the large amount of salt contain that is around 33.7 percent salinity, making it one of the world’s saltiest water bodies.  Surrounded by Jordan, Israel and Palestine, it is the earth’s lowest elevation on land with the surface and shore of the Sea being 423 meters below the sea level. Coming to the most interesting fact of this Sea, due to the high level of salt concentration, there is no aquatic life here and people cannot drown, instead they float on the surface of the water and hence this place has became a major tourist attraction.


  1. Black Sea

Not many have heard of the black sea, but it exists and is a popular inland sea surrounded by Europe, Anatolia and Caucasus. It was named as Black sea because of the navigations problems and also the fact that savage tribes inhabited its shores. But that’s not only it, Black sea is the currently the largest water body to contain anoxic water which means that this water body is depleted of oxygen. The quality of anoxic water it that it contains slow decomposition and hence remains of several ships and boats hundred years ago can be found here. It does sound bit scary isn’t’ it ? But still it remains one of the unique seas around the world



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