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The beauty of this planet earth has baffled scientists, as the time passes it keeps on unfolding some new, never seen before phenomenon. Hiding from our views are some of the earth’s most gorgeous places. It is here where you will find million of answers to your everyday lives. It is here where you will find the silence and peace, for when the mind is silent, the soul will speak. People travel miles to reach these places just so that they can wonder with open eyes. Let me take to a journey to the different ends of the world, were people find solace.


Home to nine out of ten highest mountain peaks, Himalayas is one of the youngest mountain ranges in the world. it’s breath taking beauty has been attracting visitors from all across the world. Every year many people take record breaking journey to reach untouched places in the Himalayas. Apart from mountain ranges it also has a lot to offer, like the Himalayan river valley. Himalaya is the origin of some major rivers and river systems in Asia, these are Brahmaputra, the Indus River and the holy Ganga.

Hidden in the laps of Himalayas are the great Himalayan lakes like lake Mansarovar and lake Rakshastal located near mount Kailash, abode of  Lord Shiva (a Hindu diety) and a holy destination for Hindus,  Jain and Buddhist travellers.

Cutting through the mountains are roads that are serene, you would love to travel through  Dungri la pass, Khardung La pass and famous Chang La pass play ‘s very important role in trade, travel, war and migration  and Mana pass which is the highest elevation road in the world.


Located a few miles away from the cost of Nayarit, Mexico are a group of small uninhabited islands that draw tourist towards itself like a magnet. The island is surrounded by rich marine life a blessing by Mexican government who banned fishing in the area. It was formed as a result of volcanic activity, thousands of years ago. As the island was a deserted place it became a suitable land for military testing, leading to many bombings by Mexican government. These explosion activities led to formation of hidden caves and unusual rock formations.


After some time the government abandoned it’s military activities and declared the site as open national park and thereby banned and fishing or hunting activities in the area. The island is now home to beautiful hidden beach which was created as a result of the bombing and is mesmerises the visitors to the place.


Al Khazneh is an ancient Arab temple of Nabatean kingdom in the city of Petra, Jordan. It holds elaborate display of Greek influenced architecture. Surrounded by huge walls of mountains, it preserves a sandstone carved monastery. It was built in the beginning of the 1st century, during the reign of Aretas IV Philopatris as a mausoleum and crypt. It dervies it’s name from a Arabic word which literary means treasury. Legends has it, it hold the treasure of Egyptian Pharaoh Khaznet Far’oun. It is also a UNESCO world heritage site since 1985.


Prominent stone forest standing tall near Shilin, China is s long stretch of lime stone structures. It is also a UNESCO World heritage site. On the first look, one may assume the rocks to look like stalagmites fallen on the ground but are actually erect sand stone structures. Since 2007 the site has been divided into two parts : The Naigu Stone Forest and Suogeyi Village. It is known to be existing since Ming dynasty as is crowned as the first wonder of the world. It leaves traveller bewitched by it’s beauty of intricate stone formations.


Nothing can get as strange as MADAGASCAR. It is an island nation which is a home to many strange creatures. Separated from Africa continent by Indian Ocean, it is a place that is different from the rest of the world. Be it the creatures or the plants, everything about this island is unique. To being the list of strange things, it grows Baobabs trees. These trees can live up to 800 years and are major tourist attraction. It is also a home to an endangered species of golden bamboo lemur, who feeds only on bamboo shoots that contain cyanide.


It also protects other lemur species and reptiles which are indigenous to the island. You can also refer this island as an Alien island and life on this small patch of land is stranger to our eyes.

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