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A must-not-miss beautiful Italian cities and town

You can go on and on about this beautiful country and still at the end words will fall short or you will miss out on something, such is the grandeur and glory of Italy. Amongst the most popular European countries, Italy boasts of some sensational and astonishing town and places like Venice, Florence, Rome and Naples. Therefore, while you plan to check out these wonderful Italian cities, we introduce you to few other equally famous, artistic and appealing cities of Italy you probably have heard of.


After Paris, Milan is a well-known and major name when it comes to fashion and designing. It is not only the second most populous city of Italy, but is also one of the most happening places in the country. Also, known as the ‘Moral Capital of Italy’, there is a traditional and historic touch to this charming city. Currently, Milan is an important industrial and commercial hub of Italy. Every year, millions of tourist flock this city to view some of the finest architectures, experience the fashion here, taste gourmet Italian food and explore every bit of the city in its own style. The most spectacular tourist destinations in the city includes Milan cathedral, the grand opera house- Teatro Alla Scala, Sforza Castle, Santa Maria Delle grazie which exhibits the Leonardo Da Vinci’s the last supper and Porta Ticinese to name a few.


Well, we all can easily connect this name with the popular ‘Leaning Tower of Pisa’. This small city in Tuscany in Italy is a tourist hub owing to this fascinating architectural tower. But, there is more to Pisa along with the Leaning Tower. The exact history of origin of this elegant city is not known but it has been established that it had its existence dating back to the 5th century. Today, Pisa on the banks of River Arno has several historical architectural remains to link it with some of the magnificent times Italy has witnessed. While the Leaning Tower is d=undoubtedly the most popular place here, the other main buildings and architectures include Piazza del Duomo, Santa Maria Della Spina- a church known for gothic design, Knights’ Square, Camposanto Mounmentale, University of Pisa which is nearly 9 centuries old, and also many churches depicting different eras of history.

Amalfi Coast

We are talking about Italy and can’t certainly miss out the beautiful coastline of the Amalfi coast. Listed as UNESCO world heritage site, the stunning coastline overlooks the Salerno Gulf. Words completely cannot do justice to the scenic beauty of this place and maybe that’s why this place receives visitors in large number to witness and experience the jaw dropping views of Amalfi coast. According to researchers, the town of Amalfi gained reorganization during the 6th century, and here after as the capital of maritime republic. Today, Amalfi coast is amongst the splendid places in Italy and provides easy access to some stunning locations like Vietri sul mare, Positano, Atrani, Conca dei marini and Praiano.

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