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A tour to the best-selling destinations in China for 2016

Having already procured your visa to China, if you are still confused regarding where to go in China and what to do, this discourse is definitely going to be of immense help in clarifying your confusion and aiding you in using your visa for China in a proper manner. As we all know that the destinations in several countries grow and expand themselves in stature and attract visitors in larger numbers with a change in calendar. Thus certain destinations become more important than the others as time progresses. Likewise we will try to gauge the destinations which are attracting more travellers in China in the running calendar year than the others in this article.

  1. Beijing: – As has been the case over the years, Beijing still continues to be the best selling Chinese destination in terms of attracting visitors. It seems that this attraction is caused due to the optimum essence of Chinese culture and history bundled into a single destination. Visiting the Forbidden City, The Great Wall apart from enjoying your vacation like an emperor in the Summer palace will complete your Beijing tour.
  2. Xi’an: – Xi’an compiles a multi-dimensional tour. The Terracotta Army is one of the greatest archaeological sites in the world. The speciality of this site being the fact that although more than 6000 terracotta soldiers and horses were unearthed, each and every one possesses different poses and expressions. Apart from this you are free to bike on the ancient city wall or even enjoy the fabulous fountain show of Goose Pagoda Square before completing the day with a hangout and a few snacks at Muslim Street.
  3. Shanghai: – Your China tour can be donned more special by a special ride in the bullet train from Shanghai to Suzhou or Shanghai to Hangzhou. Shanghai still continues to be the top getaway city in China in the cities mentioned above; you will come across ancient culture, gardens, water town, etc. A trip to Shanghai will help you in get away from the hassle and bustle of the daily life and ad newer fragrance to your routine tram-lined life.
  4. Yunnan: – This is a place which will primarily attract you with its natural beauty. Probably the most picturesque destination in China, Yunnan attracts you with the presence of the Stone Forest World Geopark, the world’s Most Grotesque Karst landscape. Next, the Dongchuan Redland aggravates your love for nature even more. Further by entering the Lijiang Ancient Town, you come across a different sort of experience where you come to know a whole lot of different minority cultures.

Thus, for the people who have already got your hand to the China visa we have already decoded the most popular places in China in the calendar year. For the others you primarily need to complete the formalities of your China visa application in order to make further inroads or even plan a trip. There are even destinations like Chengdu, Tibet, Hong Kong, Jhangjiajie, Huangshan, etc. which are no less in popularity. The landscape provided to you will be more versatile than anywhere else in the world. Thus, before you are no longer supported by your own body to take a tour, you must plan at least once to visit China or it would be a loss which will never be recovered in your life.

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