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A Traveler’s Guide To San Francisco (On A Budget)

Think San Francisco and the Golden Gate Bridge will probably be one of your first thoughts. However, this city has much more to offer. You may not have known that this is the birthplace of the Chinese Fortune Cookie or that it was part of Mexico until 1848.

The simple truth is that San Francisco is a fascinating city with an abundance of history and modern culture. There are hundreds of things to do in San Francisco; fortunately many are available to the budget conscious traveler:

Rent An Apartment

You will find it is much cheaper to stay in the city if you locate a private apartment for rent. The cost of these is far less than a standard hotel and allows you the option of eating in on occasion; helping your funds to go that bit further.

Eat At Red’s Java House

Red’s Java House is one of the oldest in the city and will give you a delicious burger and drink for under $6. Not only is the price good but the taste is fantastic.

View The Bridges At Night

The bridges across the river are all lit up at night and look fantastic. Enjoy a gentle stroll and appreciate them in all their glory without having to spend a single dime!

Dolores Park                      

Enjoy one of the most romantic meals you will ever have. Collect a bottle of wine and a sandwich from one of the many eateries round the city and then head to DoloresPark. Then just pick the perfect spot to enjoy both the sunshine and the view.

All you need is the right companion.

Art Shows

A quick visit to the San Francisco art website and you will locate a dozen free art shows in one of the many art galleries across the cities. As they are free you can drop in and out of them as you please; simply find the one which appeals to your musical taste buds.

Watch The Giants

You can pay to watch the Giants play baseball. However, if tickets are beyond your price range or sold out you can watch the majority of the game from the waterfront promenade!

Clarion Alley

This is the spot to see the latest offerings from new and established artists. It is all painted on the sidewalks and is either quickly removed and replaced or left to fade; depending on the quality.

Whichever way it goes you are sure to find something new and imaginative to look at.

Learn To Bowl

Golden Gate Park is worth a visit simply because it is so famous. But, the fact that it offers free weekly concerts and free lawn bowling lessons makes it an even more desirable and fun place to visit.

See The Sea Lions

If you pay a visit to pier 39 you will almost certainly find a host of Sea Lions relaxing on the dock. It’s hard not to be impressed as they scratch, shuffle and then glide through the water.

There are hundreds of things to do in San Francisco for free or on a limited budget, you will struggle to fit it all in with the time you have available.


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