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A walk along European rivers

When tourism comes rivers have given immense contribution as they successfully attracts tourist. Every country has some rivers that are not only geographically strong but also have importance in that country’s culture. Here I am going to tell you about some major rivers of Europe which have also been tourist’s attraction and they are:

  • The Thames: The Thames is a world famous river and is also the chief river of southern England. The Thames is a gently flowing river and it is the most well-known of Britain’s rivers, in fact, in the world. It is because it flows through Central London. It also flows through some other important towns and cities. It has witnessed the birth of London, and many of the key events in Britain’s history because of which The Thames has given a different honour.
  • The Rhone: The Rhone rises in the Swiss Alps, runs through South-eastern France, and then divides into two branches known as the Great Rhone and the Little Rhone. The Rhone is a historic southern gateway, as well as the only major European river flowing directly to the Mediterranean Sea. With its fast flowing Alpine tributaries i.e. Isere, Drome, Durance, and others, the Rhone has the largest water flow of all French rivers. Almost the entire Rhone valley is covered with excellent vineyards, and fruits and vegetable gardens. All together makes the Rhone worth visiting.
  • The Seine: The Seine River is an important commercial waterway within the Paris Basin and in the north of France. In Paris, the river carries commercial barges, waterbuses, and large tourist boats. There are 37 bridges spanning the Seine in Paris, and dozens more outside it. Walking along the banks of the Seine River is one of the most pleasant ways to discover Paris. So, if you want to discover the real Paris then a visit to the Seine River is must.
  • The Loire: The tranquil Loire River is the longest river in France. The Loire River is famous for the Loire valley, which is now a UNESCO World Heritage Sites. This area is renowned for its vineyards, many historical cities, the magnificent chateaux of the Loire Valley, and the pastoral lands which have been fashioned by centuries of agricultural practices.
  • The Rhine: The River Rhine is geographically, historically, and culturally one of Europe’s most important rivers. Its name comes from the Celtic word ‘Reno’, meaning ‘raging flow’. The journey of the River Rhine is very interesting and it too acts as the border between Germany and France.
  • The Volga: The Volga, often called Russia’s national river, is Europe’s longest river. The river is known as Mother Volga in Russian folklore. Its immense economic, cultural, and historic importance i.e. along with the sheer size of the river and its basin. It ranks amongst the world’s great rivers.

There are many more rivers in Europe that are famous because of their contribution in lifestyle or in culture. All these rivers make a great tourism place.

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