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A whole new way of traveling

It is no news that COVID-19 has severely impacted travelers as well as travel-based companies. Since the beginning of 2020, countries world-wide have been forced to close borders, consequently enforcing hotels and airports closure as well as flight cancellations. In a matter of no time, the World was under a lockdown – facing permanent social and economical damages.

Traveling had now become an extreme sport. Travelers are understandably hesitant to get on a plane and explore the World in the middle of a pandemic. It is not only the virus or being 10 miles off the ground that is often a concern, but whether the flights will be cancelled – leaving you in the airport in the middle of the night, or whereas the city will suddenly go under a lockdown, making it difficult to return home. Airplanes have now become a ‘work’ place rather than a ‘tourist’ tool, and it is causing an increasing fear to fly.

Unfortunately, the pandemic did not favor mental health, which is the reason why it is fundamental to reinforce the positive effect of traveling on travelers’ wellbeing. Traveling is undeniably used as a tool to ‘escape’, providing a break from routines and some time to breathe. It applauds for gratitude and awareness, and encourages world-realization and cultural-appreciation. Essentially, traveling offers you the chance to envision a different life, somewhere else.

An alternative to traveling

Travelers are seeking for an alternative that drives their adrenaline and serotonin, and Surprisit has seem to hit the spot. Surprisit is a company that offers surprise trips and getaways where the destination of these trips remains undisclosed until just 48h before. Surprisit’s getaways consist of an escape to a hotel placed in an unrevealed city. The destination will remain a surprise until 48h before and it will not be further than a 3h drive. This has caught most traveler’s attention for the right reasons; it is a fun, exciting way of ‘traveling’ while respecting safety measures. The surprise aspect makes the trip a whole new, spontaneous experience that people are eager to try. Surprisit’s getaways keeps the traveler engaged, while offering a safe approach to escape from life-lasting routines as well as the opportunity to embrace different corners of the World.

What is there not to like?

Surprisit’s romantic and relaxing getaways have become a popular gift amongst couples and friends. It is not only the surprise aspect that caught people’s attention, but the opportunity to travel safely and have everything planned. Couples are now enjoying stress-free romantic getaways, respecting the current restrictions and forgetting about planning the whole experience.

People in need of a break (naturally, everyone) are making the most of Surprisit’s relaxing getaways to a surprise spa hotel. These trips have everything included for you; the stay at the hotel, breakfast, spa and/or a bottle of champagne. It is essentially a one-click breath-taking gift.

Surprise trips

If you’re fascinated (or intrigued) by the surprise aspect of these getaways, you’ll be delighted to know that Surprise also offers surprise trips by plane. It is simpler than it seems; you choose the dates and forget about everything else. A surprise will plan out the whole trip for you, including round-trip flights and accommodation. You can also customize your trip by de-selecting cities that you don’t want to visit to ensure that you make the most out of the trip.

If you’re someone who lives for new, thrilling experiences, the multi-destination surprise trip might be the ideal fit for you. Choose your travel dates and fly to a new destination every 3 to 4 days.

Recapture spontaneous memories, embrace different places of the World and live new, exciting adventures while rediscovering a new way of traveling. Are you spontaneous enough?

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