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Adventure Travels And Sports In Goa

Adventure Sports in Goa –

  1. TambdiSurla Trek:

TambdiSurla is situated among dense thickets of the BhagwanMahavir National Park. It is the oldesttemple in Goa. Its heritage value receives appreciation from all the visitors.The temple has a special charm during Mahashivratri celebrations.

TambdiSurla is one of the best trekking destinations in Goa. It is an overnight trekking destination filled with natural beauty and numerous stories about the ancient temple. You will stay in tents, swim in the neighborhood natural stream, enjoy field cooking, camp fire, and hike to a waterfall.

  1. Wind Surfing:

Wind Surfing is one of the most popular water sports in India. It is very popular among foreign tourists. People find it very exciting and thrilling. A windsurf board is required for windsurfing. A sail is attached to the board which is powered by the wind. One needs good body balance to ride it and should be able to move well to adjust with the changing winds.Baga beach, bogmalo beach and Vagator beach are major windsurfing destinations in Goa.

  1. Water Skiing:

Water skiing is another popular water sport in Goa. It is not very easy. The person stands on a surf board while holding a rope that is attached to a speed boat. Balance is very important as you may fall due to the speed boat’s movement. Mostly it is tried by the foreign tourists. Arossim beach, Baga beach and Utorda beach are some of the major destinations for Water Skiing. Winter season is ideal for water skiing as waves are easy to manage.

  1. White Water Rafting:

River Rafting can be performed on the Mhadei River in Goa. The river flows through a small village called Ustem. This place is great for adventure loving people. It is visited in large numbers by foreign travelers. It’s surrounded by plant vegetation and beautiful trees. Monsoon season is great to try river rafting.

  1. Scuba Diving:

If you are looking an underwater experience, scuba diving is for you. Shallow shores of Goa are famous for their marine life. Scuba Diving is great for observing the exciting underwater life. A holiday in Goa without Scuba Diving is no holiday at all. Grande Islands, Devagh Island and Pigeon Island are the major destinations. Underwater visibility is highest between October and April.

  1. Hiking:

Hiking involves walking on challenging paths and an experience of exploring least visited places. Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary, Mollem National Park and Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary are some of the most popular hiking destinations in Goa. Hiking can be tricky and precautions should be taken to ensure safety. Proper boots, first-aid kits, torches and energy drinks should be carried.

Food in Goa –

Goa is very popular for its seafood. A meal is considered incomplete without fish. The food has international aspect because of the high number of foreign travelers. Staple foods are rice and fish. Crabs, Prawns, squid and lobster are some of the shellfish in Goa. The food is basically a combination of Indian and Portuguese styles.

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