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Anse Source d’Argent – The Best Tourist Spot In The World

Many people like to spend their vacation on the beaches as it will be useful for relaxing with the nature. The stunning view of the beach will inspire us along with catching the sunset on the La Digue. The La Digue, Republic of Seychelles is the worlds best beaches as there are many stunning natural views in the best manner. La Digue is also considered as the third largest island of the Seychelles with the population on the west of Felicite Island and east of Praslin Island. The island is also considered as the fourth largest island of Seychelles in size after the Mahé, Praslin as well as the Silhouette Island. The fresh water in the island also inspires many people across the world to visit here and to have fun in the best manner. The island is also filled with 2,000 people and it will be best to have the friendly neighborhood with them. The west coast village of La Passe is one of the best place to stay so that it will be fun to have the maximum accommodation in the best manner. The nearest Airport that can be used for Victoria is to take ferry to the Praslin.


When you travel to this part of the island, it will be quite amazing to have the best experience about the culture of the people. It will give you more information about the festival and their habitats in La Digue. The place has the area of 10 km², and you can have your own adventurous traveling in the bicycle all around the place so that it will be quite efficient for making ourselves comfortable in the best manner. Most of the people think about the name of the La Digue as the name is derived from the ship in the fleet of French explorer called the Marc-Joseph Marion du Fresne when he visited Seychelles in the year 1768. The luxury hotels in the La Digue, Republic of Seychelles will also give you the best classic accommodation that will make you to feel like home. There are many hotels available in the La Digue with the fantastic food.


The towering cliffs along with the pink sand will give the best experience so most of the people like to travel to La Digue. The cuisines in the beach resorts will also inspire you to stay in the beach for the full occasion so that it will give us the wonderful time in La Digue. Many people also like the para shooting on the beach shores as it will be fun to make us to have the best type of experience. Most of the people also like to have the skydiving in the beach as it will be most fun. There are also many festivals in the island so it will be fun when you visit here on the special occasions. There are also many type of recreational activities like Veuve Nature Reserve, as this place consist of rare black paradise flycatcher bird.



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