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Apply for Brazil Visa with all the Necessary Documents in Place

Brazil in the South American continent is one of the most coveted destinations for many travel thirsty souls. This is because the country offers innumerable travel and tourism attractions for people in all age groups. But to get entry into the country, proper visa will be needed. For getting a visa for Brazil, there are some formalities that need to be completed and proper documents need to be furnished as well.

Getting Brazilian visa involves four-steps. They are as follows:

  • Choosing the consulate in USA – There are quite many numbers of Brazilian consulates in USA. The number is precisely 10. Each consulate has the capacity of issuing visas to US citizens from specific states. Check the list of consulates to be sure as from where you will get the visa.
  • Time taken for getting the visa – Once the consulate is finalized, it is time to think about the time that it takes for visa processing. Without knowing the processing time, one should never purchase tickets for the trip. A very interesting fact comes up here. While some consulates deliver the visa within the same day; some take almost 3 weeks in visa processing. People in real hurry can seek assistance from an expedite Brazil visa service.
  • Process of submission of the visa – It might sound strange but it is true that submitting the visa is an extremely tiresome and arduous job. Both third party delivery and personal delivery can be done. There are some things related to the local jurisdiction and this helps in deciding whether the documents can be sent in mail or not. People from Atlanta can mail documents to Brazilian consulate but people from San Francisco and Los Angeles cannot.
  • Make sure that all visa requirements are read and understood carefully – All visa needs should be read and understood carefully. If any document goes missing, it will lead to delay in the visa processing process.

Documents that are needed to apply for Brazil visa

There are some mandatory documents that are needed for applying for obtaining Brazilian visa. Some important ones among them are as follows:

  • Brazil visa application form – Application for getting a Brazilian visa needs to be filled online. Once the form is completely filled up, the confirmation sheet needs to be printed. This page has the 12-digit protocol number. There are two empty squares in the form; one for the photograph and the other for the signature. Paste the photo using some kind of adhesive. The signature should be done exactly inside the box provided. Correct and proper signature should be done as this is one of the most common problem areas.
  • The original US passport – The original US passport has to be mailed. A copy of the same will not do. The passport should have validity of 6 months beyond one’s return from Brazil. If the dates are close; getting the passport renewed is a better idea. Also the passport should be duly signed. Unsigned passports are not all at all accepted by the Brazilian consulate. Moreover, there should be two blank pages in the passport for the Brazil visa.
  • Residential proof, preferably driving license – This document basically ascertains the consulate with which one has to apply for the Brazilian visa. In case one does not have a driver’s license, some kind of main utility bill can be used for establishing residential proof. Just a copy of the document is needed; original need not be furnished.
  • Passport size photo – High quality professional looking photograph is the best choice for the visa. The photo should be passport size and measure 2X2. Low quality photo might lead to cancellation of the visa application form.
  • Travel itinerary – There is no need for buying a ticket for this. Just a travel reservation needs to be shown, where entry and exit to and from Brazil is clearly shown. A travel agent can be of great help in this regard.
  • Fee payment of the consular – Only USPS money orders are accepted by the Brazil consulate for payment of the visa fee. There are just no exceptions in this matter. If a candidate applies for travel to Brazil visa in person, he needs to pay $140. But if the application is done by an expediter or some other person, the charge is $160. The additional $20 is known as the absentee fee. The visa expedite service purchases the money order on behalf of the candidate.

Get all the documents in place and apply for Brazil visa to reach the amazing country for your vacations.

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