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Andaman and Nicobar islands which is situated in Bay of Bengal consists of 572 islands group.  Moreover in this travel location, there are several unexplored and most lovely beaches found which is extremely famous all over the globe. If you want of travel around worlds best beaches then you can choose for this destination as it is extremely famous for its natural beauty and natural magnetism. Other than that, these beaches are also extremely popular for elongated stretches of generously sprinkled and silvery white with plenty of dense woods and greenery. These travel destinations is also highly popular for the aboriginal, local and tribal people who have special interest to beaches and anthropologists.


The excellent time to view Andaman and Nicobar beaches is during the month of October-may. You will also find many beach resorts, cottages, and hotels to make your stay convenient and comfortable. Andaman and Nicobar beaches are exclusively connected with prime cities like Bhubaneswar, Chennai, Kolkata, and Delhi via air transport. Besides from air transport, you will also get connected to the city through water transports like Vishakhapatnam, Chennai and Kolkata via ships. The most famous beaches found around Andaman and Nicobar Islands are Radhanagar Beach, Karmatang Beach, Harminder Bay Beach and Ramnagar Beach.

Being an adventurous traveler, you can take part in para shooting which is a famous game for most of the adventure loving people. If you are a brave person then you can easily take part in unforgettable adventure that is para shooting which is considered as the most adventurous sports in travel destination. Other adventurous sport is skydiving, as it turns to be adrenaline pumping activity. Since, you will feel that you are freefalling form the airplane as well as plummeting via air. Since it is a risky game so you must know the basics of this adventurous game before you take part. Other similar adventure game like skydiving and para shooting is hiking, when you participate in this game you will think that you are taking part in real adventure beyond your expectation, spills and thrills.


Usually activities under waters bring happiness and enjoyment in you.  Going on the water sports mixed with picturesque scenery makes you to reveal the wonders of the world beaches without taking much time. By getting into adventurous traveling, you are sure to indulge in wide range of activities beyond your gratification and enthusiasm. Moreover, there are plethoras of options available to take part in adventure travel. One of the important things to keep in mind when you opt for adventure or beach travel is luxury hotels. You can easily get your accommodation options booked online to reduce your work load and time. You can plan for your travel to view world’s tourist places filled with mesmerizing beaches by getting any of the well renowned travel destinations. Whatever might be the travel destination, be prepared and familiar with few activities to make you safer from unexpected risk factors. You are totally free hustle bustle lifestyle and routine work when you opt for adventure travel.

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