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Best Foods to Try In Oman

A country’s culinary and cuisine are often essential components of any trip. In addition to the culinary delights, Oman will also convince you with its hospitality.

To enter Oman, you need a visa for Oman, unless you come from a country that does not require a visa. If you are a citizen of a country that is a member of the Gulf Cooperation Council, you may enter Oman without a visa.

Since March 2018, it is now easier to get a visa for Oman. You can apply for an Oman e-Visa online, but you can still get a visa upon entry. This change should enable you to obtain your permit with little effort and long waiting times.

If you want to get your Oman visa on arrival, you have to wait a long time in line. With your e-Visa for Oman, you can save yourself this trouble. The application process usually takes about five minutes.Visa to Oman – apply online following an intuitive three-step process and try the best Oman foods!

Best foods to try in Oman

#1 Laban

Laban is a soft drink in Oman. You will find this refreshing drink in every part of the country. To make Laban, you mix yogurt with buttermilk and refined with spices such as cardamom or pistachios. You can enjoy the salty drink as a refreshment, in between or during your meal.

#2 Shuwa

The Omani usually eat Shuwa on festive occasions such as Eid celebrations. In any case, you should try it! 

Shuwa means grilled meat, and the name says it all. The incredibly tender beef is served with delicious side dishes such as rice, bread, sauces, and salad. 

#3 Mashuai

Are you a fish lover? Then you have to try Mashuai! 


  • Grilled king mackerel 
  • Creamylemonsauce 
  • Aromaticspices from Oman

#4 Meshkak

You will know Meshkak under the name Kebab. Before the beef/chicken lamb meat is grilled on skewers, the chefs rub it with curry spices. There is usually warm, Omani bread.

#5 Majboos

Majboos is originally from Saudi Arabia but is served under different names in many Arab countries. It consists of rice, vegetables, meat such as lamb, mutton, chicken, and spices and is served with a juicy salad, Omani bread, tomato sauce, or yogurt. 

#6 Dates

One thing is sure in Oman; you will not be able to avoid dates! Whether fresh or dried, the fruits are always used to prepare desserts or main courses. Locals also snack on dates after they have eaten. 

#7 Halwa

Halwa is a well-known Omani dessert that is usually served in a large bowl and numerous spoons. Each guest can allow himself as much as he or she wants. 


  • sugar 
  • rosewater 
  • eggs 
  • honey 
  • spices 
  • nuts

#8 Kahwa

A tasty meal is rounded off with a delicious Arabic coffee. If you order a Kahwa in Oman, you will receive a strong, bitter, but very aromatic coffee in a small cup. In most cases, you will feel a slight taste of cardamom that will liven you up. 

Final Thoughts

Is your mouth watering? Understandable! But Oman has more to offer than just its cuisine: 

Breathtaking landscapes, imposing buildings, and hospitable people!

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