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A solo traveler’s life was not always as easy as it is today. Just a few years ago, the bags they needed to pack were much heavier – and much more sensitive – as they are in our times. Just think of all the things they needed to carry around: a phone, a camera, a book or two (travel can be boring sometimes), and various other items meant to distract themselves on the road. Today, all these fit right into our pockets, thanks to the amazing evolution smartphones have undergone in the last decade.

Multimedia in your pocket

Your books, your entire music library, even a good part of your movie collection now fits into your pocket. Besides, the same handy device that can carry all of this – your smartphone – will also serve as a newspaper if you go online. You can keep up with the latest news, you can check the weather forecast or even dive into a world of fun with the Euro Palace Casino blog – and all you need is a smartphone and an internet connection.

The Euro Palace Blog is unique, as it doesn’t only offer its readers fun and informative articles to read. As its name suggests, it is attached to the Euro Palace Casino, a gaming destination with tons of specials and promotions to follow. Reading it will keep you updated on the latest promotions, the new games it adds to your library, and many other things that are interesting to read. What makes the Euro Palace blog even better is that it doesn’t have any ads on its pages, making it perfect for some distraction-free reading.

Memories on the go

Smartphones are great for distraction, but they can offer you much more than that: a handy device to capture the most memorable moments while on the road. Smartphones combine the ease of use of a compact camera with the quality of a more professional model (not a professional camera, mind you), and add the increased security of automatically saving the videos and pictures you capture to the cloud, thus making sure you’ll have them even if you lose your phone.

Today’s smartphones have cameras that beat most semi-professional models of the past when it comes to their sensors, can record high-quality videos, making them the perfect choice for a traveler to record the most memorable moments of a trip. And it fits right into our pockets.

Distraction for the road

Books, videos, pictures, news – these are all great ways to kill time, but games are perhaps the best. Smartphones are the perfect source of distraction for the road, thanks to the massive collection of games available for them. You can easily download and install a game from the app marketplace of your choice, and play it whenever you feel the need.

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