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Best Place For Family Vacation: Walt Disney World

It is said that if you want to visit the happiest place on earth then visit Walt Disney World. Whether it is true or false, but one visit to Disney world can be definitely done. A family vacation to the Walt Disney World can prove to be a splendid and memorable experience of a lifetime. We all have grown up watching Disney characters in cartoons. The characters are so deeply ingrained in our memories that we get a chance to visit the Walt Disney World then it can be one of the greatest treats for all of us.

Spending quality time with family members at the world of Walt Disney can be really an enthralling experience. Selecting a suitable resort from over 26 resorts of the Walt Disney World can be a really daunting task. So here we provide a quick sneak peek into the various options available for meeting different needs. Selection can be based on the themes of there, food, parks, characters and other available attractions.

Every resort provides s different ambience and atmosphere to its guests. Depending on the liking of most of the family resorts can be chosen from the options like The Grand Floridian Resort, Wilderness Lodge and Animal Kingdom Lodge. The Grand Floridian Resort may attract young men for it ambience and grace. Children may get attracted to the rooms with bunk beds in Wilderness Lodge or to the African safari theme of the Animal Kingdom Lodge.

Food is an important thing for many people during family holidays. Walt Disney has always been able to satisfy the food requirements of all the guests. They have been successfully offering food for every taste. Various food options available are French cuisines for the sophisticated ones, traditional American meals for families, Liberty Tree Tavern might be good on pockets and the Prime Time Cafe is a rage among children. Spirit of Aloha Polynesian Luau serves them who opt for a dose of entertainment while having their dinner.

Different Disney Parks have an attraction for different types of crowd. Families with children will love the Magic Kingdom. It is a great experience to meet your favorite characters like Mickey Mouse and Cinderella and a lot of others. Parade of the characters and lots of firework and blazing over castle are important attractions. Hollywood studios are attractive for the teenagers. They love the stunt performances as well as the Star Tours ride, ride of Tower of Terror and Rock n Roller Coaster. Small children like the Animal Kingdom and the jungle ambience associated with it.

Meeting with characters is a lifetime achievement for children. It stays in their minds forever. Even adults and old people feel elated after meeting with their favorite Walt Disney characters. Taking photographs with their favorite characters, hugging them, dancing with them and shaking hands with them can really make an old man behave as a child for few minutes. The experience of being surrounded with the characters is a lifetime memory for all the family members.

Having a blast and at the same time spending quality time with family members is the objective of any family holiday. Walt Disney World completely takes care of it and hence is a great family holiday destination.

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