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Best Places To Travel In Asia: A Must Know

Asia is rated as the best travel destination which shows cases adventure, history and culture. Though some of the tourists are displeased with the air fares due to which the travel becomes a little difficult. But trust on trust on this Asia is the best tourist place which rated on the top list and has much to offer then you can imagine. It is beautiful place worth visiting with family and friends. Asia is a place which is known for the world of discovery. Below mentioned places are the best places to visit in Asia.

Here’s the list of places which is worth travelling in Asia


Bali is also known for its heavenly beauty, tranquility and rest which it offers to the tourist. This place has ancient temples which are beautifully craved and the places which it offers are really mesmerizing. Many tourists come in Bali for their honeymoon. It also comprises of sandy shores which is worth seeing with pristine waters in the shore. The place is quiet and beautiful with greenery around which is a perfect place for meditation and relaxation. Luxury hotels are also available in Bali which offers snappy rooms and peace. Those who are interested in adventure and nature lovers can choose Bali as a place for travel. The accommodations are also available for reasonable rates.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong is very different from china. So make no mistakes in assumptions that it is like china. The people in Hong Kong know to speak in English. It is a best place to visit by sky scrapper lovers. It is also good for mountaineers; it also offers many theme parks which can be explored. Besides, this food is also good and the stay is also affordable.


Maldives is also one of the best places to visit. It offers lavish resorts, over the water houses and colorful reefs which are worth seeing. The water is pristine and boating in Maldives through the city is worth mesmerizing. Maldives has a collection of more than 1,000 islands which is enough for the tourists and travelers to house in. The prices are also very affordable.


Singapore is also a place worth visiting as it offers travelers with a palate of south East Asia. The local culture of the Singapore is worth mesmerizing with lavish taste of food and the culture which it offers.


Bangkok is another surprising place to travel to. It offers wide range of flavors in taste as well as culture. The night life in Bangkok is very active and offers many stuffs ranging from food to clothing, dance and music, culture etc. The shopping in Bangkok is endless. There is so much to shop around. Boulevard shopping is also offered were you can buy beautiful tinkles at a very affordable range.


Kyoto is a cultural place and offers many things to the tourist. Kyoto is a place which is full of greenery and peace. It is a perfect place for couple who need some tranquility and rest. Kyoto has many historic shrines and temples. The Kyoto garden temple is worth visiting as it has beautiful tress and stones with water flowing besides the greenery and a temple in between which is a sight worth mesmerizing. Kyoto is a must see place.

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