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Best travel destinations for backpackers

What else can be more joyful than travelling around the world without the hassles of carrying luggage and simply go backpacking? This has of late become the most popular and extremely cost effective way of travelling the places of your interest. With abundance of youth hostels in many countries and many more of them following the same suit, people with budget constraints need not lose sleep any more. And for all those adventure seeking persons, backpacking surely won’t disappoint you.Pack your stuff, fold your maps, and step out to explore the world as we give a list of countries and cities that are backpacker’s paradise.

  1. Nepal- The country on the laps of the mighty Himalayas, Nepal is always going to be a place most visited by backpackers. No other country can be as cheap as Nepal to provide hiking and trekking in the hills albeit in undeveloped conditions. There is a lot to explore about the Asian culture and religions like Hinduism and Buddhism.The temples of Pashupatinath and Nilkantha Shiv in the Kathmandu Valley are most frequented by tourists. Cheap lodging at cheapest price with quality food makes Nepal the best destination for backpackers.
  2. India- Nepal’s neighboring country is another favorite among the backpackers. Like Nepal, India too has places worth visiting any time of the year and scores high on dirt cheap food and lodging. Such is the rate of various goods that you can have full course of meal twice a day for a couple of dollars. But again you may have to haggle over prices in some states.
  3. Cambodia- A South- East Asian country, Cambodia too features as one of the cheapest destinations of the world for backpackers. Though it gas shabby modes of transportation, one can get hotels and dorm at very low cost. The temples of Angkor Wat are the most visited destination in Cambodia. The island of Koh Rong has tropical beaches, a must visit spot for those who love beaches.
  4. Indonesia- Talk of Indonesia and Bali comes immediately in your minds. Thanks to the regular footfall in Bali by tourists for its electric nightlife, Indonesia can seem expensive for some. But for the backpack tourists there are places like Lombok and the island of Sumatra which is both cheap and full of adventure. These places are still untouched by the tourist crowd making it destinations effective to budget.
  5. Vietnam- A war riddled country, Vietnam’s natural beauty and other tourist attractions have always been overlooked. At surprisingly low cost one can set out on a journey to Vietnam. The capital city of Hanoi is filled with backpackers from various parts of the world. Anyone can get mesmerized by the magnificent beauty of Halong Bay, get to see the rice paddies of Mekong Delta. Vietnam surely can charm tourists with its hospitality and warm hearted ever grinning people.


The city of Turkey in Istanbul is another cheap destination for backpackers especially from European nations and for those who love Middle Eastern foods.

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