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This beautiful poem reminds us our childhood days spent at beaches. And more over the beaches are the place of attraction for any age of the group. One of the lovely beaches is situated at New Jersey_is CAPE MAY. Cape may is a very beautiful beach to be visited.


Beaches are also theme oriented. There are so many beaches with specific features like –

-Best beaches for family.

– Best beaches for couples.

– Best beaches for lovers.

– Best beaches for party.

–  And even Best beaches for sunbath also.


Cape May is best the beach for the family. The whole family can enjoy here without any restriction. There is no need to buy a beach tag. Cape May is also be called as LOVERS’ PARADISE.


Cape may beach is the place for full enjoyment, a lonely, beautiful spot for lovers’, a great amusement place for children and a place of tranquility for the poet at its shore. So, this beach is the place for each and every one for an entertainment. Across the beach,  we can see many vendors, stalls for food and drink. And if we want we can take along with us our own food items also. The water is cool and the waves are also quiet. It was very pretty when we follow the footprint on the sand; and writing the name in the sand and it gives us immense pleasure; and the sand is also easy to walk, as the water is calm very suitable for the kids to enjoy there. The accommodation is very cheap and best. The houses are really very beautiful.


As any other beach Cape May is not much crowded. This gives us much privacy and peace of mind to us at the shore. The sunrise is really amazing; in the evening there will be flag ceremony. This is very ideal place to keep us away from the noise and crowd. Cape May beaches keep us away from the hustle and bustle. The maintenance of the beach is very nice, neat and clean.

Umbrella and chair service is provided here at free of cost. Parking is also free here. Cape May is beautiful island. Can be seen by walking around. Summer in Cape May is very exciting. So many activities are offered here; whale watching, sport boating, etc.  Cap May plays the role of host for the world famous ‘BOAT TO BOAT’ athletics. Every season is designed with distinct feature here.


In summer Boat to Boat athletics and Cape May Birds Obsevatory organizes the different programs and tour for the tourist every day.

In winter- We can enjoy the Christmas in Cape May Style.

In autumn- Food and Wine Festival attract the people. And the nature is in its full of glimpses. And a great place for the nature lover during the autumn.

In spring- We can observe the sweet fragrance and beautiful flowers all around, So, beaches are the places where we can enjoy any time regardless of season.

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