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December Global Holidays – Various Global Holidays to be Known!

Meaning of December global holidays:

The holidays which are celebrated by the peoples across the world especially in the month of December. December is the last month of every year. So yes, it always remains special month for every individual to celebrate and enjoy with their friends and families.

In the year 2021 & 2022, people from various countries celebrated in a simple way due to pandemic. This year 2021 December global holidays should become a memorable thing for every significant event in the December.

There are many holidays which people worship and celebrate in the month of December.

The month December has many adverbs for it. Some people tell December as

  • Festive spirit and joyful month
  • Vacation month- this is because, December has almost more government holidays and vacation for every school and work places all over the globe.
  • Month of celebration

Let me list out one by one for you.  So that you get to know the festivals and hoe people use to celebrate them.



Starting from Christmas, a well popular day of December global holidays. On December 25th, this day is celebrated across the world indicating “the birth of Jesus Christ” and believed as who came to the world to save us from sins (though 25th is not an exact date of Christmas but people started celebrating on that day)

On this day, people use to go for churches and celebrate with their family and friends and share gifts on this special occasion.

This day is considered as religious event, so people use to sing and dance and enjoy in the presence of Jesus Christ. 5 days before Christmas people use to décor their house with lights and Christmas trees and gifts and make their place brighter and beautiful.

In England and united stated, the same kind of tradition is followed. But in Australia, the Christmas comes during summer, so people in Australia goes for beaches and on on.

Even some children and adults believe that Santa Claus comes at night and drop some gifts in their houses

So, this all about Christmas.


December global holidays

Festivus is on 23rd of December, where at first it not considered as true celebration. Initially, this day is not taken into an account of religious or any event holiday to be taken place but then it created a popular culture in 1997.

This became the talk of the town when an episode of Seinfeld sitcom name ‘the strike’ came out. The main goal of the festivus is against the purchasing of excessive and expensive decors, gifts and so on for Christmas and less commercialization during Christmas. And then people started to celebrate the festivus.

It is celebrated in a simple aluminum pole which is a free cost of décor available in your home.


New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Eve is considered as the largest globally celebrated holiday as indicating the conclusion of the Gregorian calendar on 31st December of every year, last day of a year.

On this special occasion people celebrate in various traditional. Let me you in detail. People from various countries celebrate the new year as a massive celebration. People together celebrate the arrival of a new year

On this day, some people go to midnight church and stay there till a new year began for blessing for the upcoming year. Some gather in a place to enjoy and celebrate to welcome the new year.

People make traditional foods, snacks and enjoy their meals with families and friends. In countries like Spanish, Italy, roman celebrate in different ways of welcoming of a new year.

During these festival season countries like USA, Canada etc began to put more offer on products like apple in their shops and also in online buying platforms like amazon, Flipkart. People use to the best buy the offers for which they are looking for a long time and wait for December season to come.


Boxing day

Boxing day is celebrated on 26th of December. The reason for celebrating this day as many different reasons in many countries. The boxing day is especially celebrated in Great Britain.

There’s no particular reason for celebrating this day. In countries like New Zealand, United Kingdom and Australia celebrate by playing and watching sports matches like soccer, cricket and rugby.

This day is also celebrated as St.Stephen’s day in Ireland. The humoristic thing about the boxing day is that many people believe that dealing with the empty boxes after unwrapping all the Christmas gifts. And some would celebrate as, servants are given with boxes of presents and foods for their family.

Infact, there are many reasons for different countries to celebrate the boxing day.



Omisoka is a Japanese style of celebrating New Year’s Eve. The Japanese people celebrate their new year at the end of the calendar that is 31st December of every year.

They do clean their houses completely from top to bottom and this houses with traditional décor made from sacred Shinto straw rope which are called as ‘Shime-kazari’ and other materials like white paper, woods and strip ferns etc.

They cook Japanese traditional foods and gather and invite people to happen a big food traditional Janpanese feast to their families and friends.

These foods are cooked in large quantity before 11 AM of 31st December, as they consider unlucky cooking foods in their kitchen after the new year started.

Apart from this, there are many special events to celebrated as December global holidays, they are listed below:

  • Hanukkah- this day is celebrated for 8 days that is from November 28th – December 6th. It is usually celebrated with funs and games
  • Kwanzaa- this day is celebrated for 7 days starting from December 26th – January 1st. it is an African culture where people celebrate their tradition, culture and families.
  • Yule- it is celebrated on 21st December. It is an ancient festival especially meant for German people and German-speaking countries.
  • Santa Lucia- it is celebrated on 13th of December in countries like Sweden, Norway and some parts of Finland. The festival is considered as a celebration lights and also in honor of st.lucia or st.lucy.
  • Human rights day- 10th of December.


Apart from this, there are many special events to celebrated as December global holidays.

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