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Did u visit these breath-taking lesser known spectacular waterfalls?

Nature has many mesmerizing and beautiful scenic views for us that never fail to charm us. Well, waterfalls are amongst such views which have us completely hooked to the water gushing from heights and everything about it. The name waterfalls, conjures in our mind the images of Niagara falls and Angel falls, but there are many thousands of other beautiful waterfalls in this planet. Let’s take a break from the well-known ones and cast a glance at the other lesser known and stunning waterfalls from across the globe.

Victoria Falls, Africa

Did the height of Niagara Falls rendered u speechless? Well, if it did then Victoria Falls is the show stealer with the height approximately twice than that of the Niagara falls. Located on the border of Zimbabwe and Zambia, the Victoria Falls is truly amazing and the sounds of the falling water can be heard from a very long distance. It’s just not any fall, but its sheer beauty and the height has the people naming the Victoria waterfalls as “The smoke that thunders”. The waterfall has been made ‘UNESCO World Heritage Site’ and is now witnessing increasing tourism.

Rhine Falls, Switzerland

Well, the white paradise of Switzerland is not only about Swiss Alps and snow covered mountains. The Rhine Falls in Switzerland is another famous tourist attraction there, and why not? The Rhine Falls is the largest plain waterfall in the entire Europe. The waterfall is 75ft high and is said to be have formed nearly 17,000 years ago. Unlike many waterfalls, there is one interesting thing you can do here: Boat ride! Yes, you can witness it up, near and close. Apart from that there are many small and big attractions around the falls. After the sunset, there are spectacular fireworks and lights with the backdrop of the waters, all of it reflecting in the water of the falls.

Vinnufossen, Norway

At a height of 1,380 ft, we are here talking about the largest waterfall of Europe and the sixth largest waterfall in the world. Located in the charming and beautiful country of Norway, Vinnufossen waterfall is one curious and impressive falls. The waters of the falls are from the largest glacier of More and Romsdals, and it has four drop or stages before reaching the valley in ground. The entire place is extremely picturesque and beautiful. Unlike the rush and crowd in many waterfalls, you can actually find some peace here in midst of the nature. And if you are lucky, you might also catch a rainbow in the sky complementing the falls, a sight totally mesmerizing.

Dudhsagar Falls, India

Not many are aware of this completely spectacular and magnificent waterfall in India. Dhudhsagar in India is a four-tiered waterfall, and one of the highest waterfalls of the country. It’s extremely rare that you find such a lovely and truly impressive location in midst of forest and amazing bio-diversity. At a height of 1017ft, Dhudhasagar waterfalls are a treat to eyes especially during the monsoon season. The tourists visiting the falls have always been left spell-bounded by the heights and the scenic beauty of the falls.

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