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Do Not Board Maharajas’ Express Without Reading These Eight Points

For many, this might be their first ever luxury train experience. It is difficult to imagine what to expect when it comes to long distance luxury train trips. Are you planning to book tickets in Maharajas’ Express? You ought to know these eight points in detail.

  1. The train is one kilometre is length. You are free to roam around and move from one cabin to another. Thus, you would be exercising a lot inside the train. Moreover, there is safari, monument sightseeing and a lot of excursions. Thus, walking is an inevitable activity if you are travelling in Maharajas’ Express. Wear comfortable walking shoes that would make your excursions, comfortable.
  2. You will never be alone. Unless you have requested a separate guide or you are staying the suite rooms; you would always be in groups of at least 7. This will help you to enjoy a lot as a group. After all, vacation becomes merrier with more people. Do not worry about your privacy. You will be having your own tables and cabins. Travelling would be shared as a group.
  3. You can wear anything that is decent and comfortable. During the certain excursions, you would be taken to a few five star hotels or palace hotels. Keep a few formal clothing and new outfits with you. In the same manner, learn about the climate during the time of your visit to pack accordingly.
  4. There will be an excursion in each and every destination and all excursions are included in the tariff. Sometimes, there would be special excursions based on the time of visit and others. This would be an optional excursion which should be paid over and above the standard ticket cost. It is up to you to either choose the special excursion or stay and enjoy in the Maharajas Express train.
  5. If you are new to train journey, the track sound might hinder your sleep. You might have to bring ear plugs. Till you get used to the sound of the train, ear plugs would be very helpful.
  6. Do not worry about your safety while walking inside the train or while dining. The train will be moving in a very slow speed and you can stare at the sceneries from the lounge room or from the panoramic window of your room as the train glides slowly.
  7. You can book tickets through various travel agents but, the operator of the train is a single entity. If you have any queries with your travel agent site, you can directly book with the official site. To avoid this, it is important to choose reputed and well established travel agents.
  8. There is laundry service in the train and the storage space is limited. Thus, the Maharajas Express authorities recommend you to pack light. Stick to the airline recommendation of baggage weight for ease.

Now that you are versed with all required information about Maharajas’ Express, are you ready for a real ride? There is no better way to span the country filled with riches and natural attractions, than a ride in Maharajas’ Express.

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