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Dominica, a Heavenly Island to Pamper Your Senses with Its Mysterious Attractions

Popularly called as the Nature Island of Caribbean, Dominica provides much more than just the regular Caribbean destination. Dominica remains as a well-preserved paradise for hikers, naturalists and divers. Dominica is the biggest of the Windward Islands and fortifies striking volcanic landscapes with high rise mountains in the eastern Caribbean, waterfalls, lush rainforests, rivers, lakes, gorges and steamy hot springs. The rocky coastline shelters, coastal villages and black sand beaches, most of which forms a good place for adventurous travelling. Many people make a travel to Dominica in an effort to relish the beauty of worlds best beaches located in the Island. Majority of the travellers visit Dominica as a day trip from a cruise ship or as a multi-day trip from the nearby islands. Other few spend winter in Dominica to stay relaxed and escape from the colder climates and to enjoy the stunning natural splendours of the Island. Travellers can definitely get excited at the surprises that they can find on the Island.

Beaches in Dominica:

Many of the Dominica beaches closely resemble those that are present in Hawaii than on any other Caribbean islands. They are ideal for the region since they are especially volcanic in origin and include velvetry, rich, black sand. Though most sea-shores are black, wonderful white sand beaches are as well found on the northern shore of the island. The waters are always warm and offer an excellent opportunity to really unwind and relax to a greater extent. Additionally, many visitors are pleasantly excited to discover that even the most scenic beaches in Dominica are quiet often and deliver almost a classified beach experience. Visitors can easily find their accommodation at beach resorts or luxury hotels in Dominica to revamp their senses to keep enjoying the delights of Dominica.


Bird watching and canyoning:

Due to the rugged interior, Dominica has become a rich destination for the exciting, new adventure sport of Canyoning. It is also referred to as waterfall rappelling, abseiling, canyoneering and kloofing and it is a must to do activity for adventure enthusiasts. Due to the presence of rugged, lush tropical and terrain climate, Dominica offers the ideal habitat for a host of birds. Close to around 200 different species have been recognized on the Island including the Jaco parrots and the Sisserou that are native to Dominica. Cycling is becoming popular in the Island as there are many trails and tracks found on the Island along with paved roads that make cycling, for those who enjoy the time as a splendid way of exploring the Island.



Dominica provides several opportunities for long, medium and short hiking, which differ in their levels of difficulty. Visitors also has huge opportunities for discovering the tropical wilderness by walk or without guide based on how strenuous the way. Most of the trails are well established and marked, though a trip to the mountainous hike or boiling lake must be done with a guide. The other best attractions include the freshwater lake, emerald pool and numerous other falls. Dominica is also enriched with perfect spots for undergoing the activities like skydiving and parashooting.

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