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Experience the Wonders of Mother Nature by Making a Visit to Himachal Pradesh

For utter geographic diversity, some destinations in the world are as highly bestowed as Himachal Pradesh is. Placid mountain lakes and rivers in deep gorges, acres of green lands and thick forests, alpines pastures and mountainsides draped with green, all form a part of exclusive possibilities for a diverse range of sports, adventurous traveling and other outdoor activities. All you need to do is to set your mind and choose your own activity. Without any special training for many things, all that is required is a reasonable state of fitness, training, equipment and special packages that are available. Himachal is not only a place for peaceful travel, but also a location for finding a niche of adventure and sport for everyone.

Adventurous sports are synonym for Himachal Pradesh:


Himachal is a land with mystic, majestic and mesmerizing. Its topography and geography provide exciting opportunities for adventure. The fun and excitement of adventure enhances manifold among the beautiful and picturesque surroundings of Himachal. Adventure fans from throughout the globe visit the place to quench their thirst for exciting activity. Himachal Pradesh tour includes visits to lovely rivers, snow-covered mountains, wonderful meadows, dense forests, beautiful lakes and valleys and arduous passes. Some of the adventure sports that can be enjoyed in Himachal include hiking, rock climbing, trekking, river-rafting, mountaineering, hang gliding, fishing, parashooting, etc.

Hiking in Himachal Pradesh:

Himachal is a perfect spot for hiking enthusiast since it provides numerous exciting hiking trails. The popular hiking trails in the state include Pir Panjal ranges, Dhauladhar, routes to the passes between kullu valley and Shimla region and the trans-Himalayan regions of Spiti, Lahaul and Kinnaur. The perfect period for hiking in Himachal is the months from March till August.

Skiing in Himachal:


The beautiful skiing destinations of Himachal attract several tourists from across the world. Kufri is a popular location for skydiving. Mahasu ridge also inspires skiing enthusiasts to a great extent. The other famous skiing destinations include Patalsu, Solang Nallah, Narkanda and Rohtang slopes. The tourists can also enjoy heli skiing in the state at locations like Rohtang pass, Chanderkhani pass and Hanuman tibba.

Accommodation at Himachal Pradesh:

Travelers to Himachal can explore enormous spots to visit and plenty of activities to involve in. As far as accommodation in Himachal is concerned, there are abundant hotels in the state that meet the requirements of all kind of guests. Himachal hotels range from standard category to luxury hotels, from which the travelers can pick from based on their class, budget and requirements. Staying in luxury hotels of Himachal Pradesh, guests can delight the beauty of nature as well as experience the virgin attraction of the mountains right away from the balcony or windows of the hotel they accommodate in. Located away from the cities, many of the hotels no matter what is the category, are located on the lap of alluring beauty of the nature. Surrounded by the hills, pine forest, extensive valley, alpine meadows, fruit laden orchard, accommodation in Himachal is the best way to enjoy the nature from its nearest circuit.

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