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Experiencing an marvelous winter with three snow-clad winter destinations

The white colored snow-clad mountains, sights and the breeze is something that is chilling but still we enjoy every bit of it. Beaches and summer places are favorite tourist destinations no doubt, but travelling to a winter destination has its own pros and fun. While most of the time to escape the summer heat, people opt for vacation in cold places or hill stations, there are other who love winter so much that they look forward to travel to winter destinations irrespective of any season. World over there several amazing winter destinations which will make your heart skip a beat with its snowy paradise. Before you look for a map or Google about them, here we introduce you to few wonderful locations to plan your next trip.

  1. Ireland

The beautiful country of Ireland is known for its mesmerizing scenic beauty. The third-largest island in the entire Europe, the Irish culture of this place is said to have influenced literature, art and music. While Ireland has a moderate climate, the winter here is extremely cool and pleasant. The blue skies, lakes frozen, snowfall and the mountains capped with snow make it one of the must-visit places during winters. The once sunny and blooming places during summer including the beaches, looks equally pretty covered in snow. Mount Usher Gardens and Huntington Castles paint an altogether different picture during the winters. And, adding to these awesome experiences are the cozy and comfortable pubs which will provide you with an ultimate winter feeling combined with Irish music.


  1. Aspen, USA.

Named as ‘Aspen’ due to large number of aspen trees found in this region, the city of Aspen is vacation spot in both summer and winter. But a major number of tourists flock this city during the winters to see it turn into an absolute white wonderland. With the snow clad aspen trees all round and the city lights adding to the beauty, it looks like a paradise lit up with lights. One of the most beautiful cities of USA, Aspen along the rocky mountain coast presents the tourists with the most exciting fun in winters including skiing and a horse drawn sleigh ride. With a ski resort and mountains clad with snow, your winter vacation only keeps getting better!


  1. Banff, Canada.

A small town inside the Banff National Park, Canada, this place has been quoted by tourists as one of the amazing winter destinations in Canada. The scenic sight is beyond any comparison with mountains and hot springs surrounding the town. In case you are wondering about the winter temperature, then in Banff the average low is around -13.3 degree Celsius and the average high is -0.2 degree Celsius, giving plenty of opportunities to have a great fun during the winters. And the northern light in the amazing snow backdrop is definitely something to watch out for. With three ski resorts, it provides ample chances of undertaking several excitement activities like ice walking, snowshoeing, sleigh riding, dog sledding, snowmobiling and yes, skiing and snowboarding too.

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