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Explores the world history by travelling:-

World History Travel are responsible for traveling with a difference. Our trips should not just about the where, but also included the who, what and why? We personally design and build trips important historical figures of our world and events that have helped shape our world in the place in which we live today.

Based on worldwide with a team of consultants who have designed courses that are truly unique travel experiences. Trips depart on World History Trips are designed for travelers looking for more than photo opportunities, but the opportunities that make you challenge your beliefs, prejudices and preconceived notions about our history.

Our points of difference:

Singularity Take a trip into history is not a bus ride to the present

DIRECT TO YOU – design, build and operate travel in order to exceed expectations

Sizes small groups of like minded people interested in the history, heritage and culture – Personal.

Flexible itinerary changes available route known as “Just in Time”.

We believe Transport- Getting there is as important as being there and use transport operations locally owned whenever possible.

Responsibility- Each trip sponsors a local organization in that area. We call this “The Positively ethical tourism”

Selected travel LESS FUSS-based off a single “base” hotel excursions to historical sites which means less time spent checking in and out of hotels.

Become ENTERTAINMENTand take part in the local way of life. Eat, shop and live like the locals.

There are many reasons why people are only travelling their own societies. Some travelers may simply have wanted to satisfy curiosity about the larger world. Until recently, however, commerce, trade relations, diplomacy, political administration, military campaigns, exile, escape persecution, migration, pilgrimage, missionary efforts, and the search of economic opportunities or education were most common incentive to travel abroad than it was mere curiosity. In the 20th century, with the development of increasingly fast with reliance and inexpensive manners and long-distance transport, mass tourism has emerged as a major global promoter of foreign travel.

Travel and Travel Accounts in World History:

The records of the trips abroad appeared shortly after the invention of writing, and fragmentary accounts of travel seems in both Mesopotamia and in Egypt in old times. After the formation of large states, imperial in the classical world, Travel stories emerged as a prominent literary genre in many lands, and are performed especially strong appeal to the rulers who want useful knowledge about their kingdoms. The Greek historian Herodotus reported on his travels in Egypt and Anatolia in the investigation of the history of the Persian Wars. . The Chinese envoy Zhang Qian good describes to Central Asia west to Afghanistan, on the basis of the trips made in the first century BC, while seeking allies to the Han dynasty Hellenistic and Roman geographers, as Ptolemy, Strabo and Pliny the Elder reports travelers to compile vast compendium of geographical knowledge was based on his own travels through much of the Mediterranean world, as well.

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