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Exploring the World’s Second Largest Country Canada

Canada is regarded as the common wealth country, which is actually the world’s second-largest country. The land area of Canada has a wide range of geography. Trekking, sightseeing and some other amusements can be some of the things you willingly want to experience in this country. This country is also famous for the tourists. A lot of people from all around the globe come and travel to this place. They experience the best and explore the country because Canada has wide range of biome. Canada is all surrounded with natural beauty, which includes the lakes the mountains and the forests. So here’s a look that will definitely want to visit Canada and explore it.

  • Vancouver : The massive city of Vancouver is one of the largest in Canada. It is located in south-western British Columbia, and it is a famous foodie hotspot so people usually prefer going for different foods  – especially for seafood, which includes a variety of prawns and those of some of the best fishes breed. Because of its tremendous cultures, there is always a mixed cuisine for the travellers, so that they can enjoy and keep pleasure and enjoy the country’s ride.
  • Banff National Park: it is the oldest national park in Canada, which is engulfed in the rocks. Because of its large size and location, it stands many people love visiting this place and exploring the wildlife present there naturally. There are two more places nearby which are often visited by the tourists.
  • Niagara Falls Ontario: well this is the most famous place that everybody knows. This place has a very beautiful view and is one of the most visited places in Canada. It is rightly believed that the people who visit this place just like feeling to visit again and again. The Falls are also called Horseshoe Falls when view from the Ontario side and gives the best views and most attractions.
  • MONTREAL: Montreal is one of the largest cities in Canada which is located where the two rivers meet. Montreal is Canada’s capital so it has a rich culture. It has the most diverse features and is also more advanced than in north American countries.
  • Toronto: it is the most crowded city in the whole of Canada. It is one of the most cultural city which displays its wide culture. There are millions of cultures in the city. People usually visit to explore the various cultures out there. Moreover, it is a resident of many people. There are a lot of restaurants that can be discovered so it is a great city with all the facilities.
  • Vancouver Island: this is the most famous and enjoyable place in Canada. It is quite a photogenic place that has all the lakes, waterfalls, and the mesmerizing nature all around. The island is best known for the beautiful Gardens the lakes and the amazing nature, so it is a good place to visit and explore.

So this is the whole guide which you can take a look around and explore the beautiful country.

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