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Four absolute road trips

The destinations are always amazing, but it’s the journey that makes it even more appealing, and nothing sounds more exciting and adventurous than a road trip with friends. The best part is that irrespective of any season or climate you can always plan a road trip whenever you wish. You have seen the beaches, the architectures, beautiful cities, but how well do you know or have seen the marvelous scenic highways that leads to these places? All around the world there are many stunning and exquisite highways and roads that will make you literally feel ‘If only the roads never end’. Before you pack your bags and embark on an awesome road trip, let’s look at some of the most spectacular and sensual road trips you can actually undertake.

  1. Basque Circuit, Spain

Spain is known for exotic vacation destinations, food and culture. And a road trip through the Basque circuit in northern Spain will have you witness the magnificent beauty of the country which will include dramatic coastlines, stunning beaches and jaw-dropping scenic views.  It is a 300 miles long trip, which you can start from Bilbao, passing through the mountains and Bay of Biscay next will be Pamplona with awesome scenery to finally Pyrenees which is in France. The panoramic beauty from Spain to France will definitely ensure a U-turn.


  1. Great Ocean Road, Australia.

This one is not only wonderful but interesting also. The great ocean road is a listed Australian National Heritage and is the world’s largest war memorial. 151 miles long, the road trip will cover the beautiful Australian coastline between the cities Torquay and Allansford. Through the entire trip you will able to watch the great cliffs made of sandstone and limestone along with rainforests and yes, beaches. The images of the views captured will leave you spell bounded with a road trip worth accounted for.


  1. Cabot Trail, Nova Scotia, Canada.

Not everyone is familiar with the name Nova Scotia. It a Canadian province and Cabot Trail is one of the most famous road trails that will get you acquired with the delightful beauty of the place. 185 miles long, it was named after the explorer John Cabot. The pictorial scenery includes astounding view of the Atlantic Ocean in the western and eastern part of the trail, and the popular Cape Breton Highlands National Part in the northern portion of the trail. The entire Cabot Trail will present you with a thrill combined with spectacular picturesque.


  1. U.S Route 66

Talking about road trips and this is one you cannot miss. The historic US Route 66 is worldwide famous and probably one of the most road trips undertaken. Route 66 is also known as ‘Main Street of America’. Beginning from Illinois to California, this 2,400 miles long route passes through eight American cities, and paints you the perfect American picture with retro gas station, kitschy tourist shops and wigwam motels to name a few.




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