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From California To Kaleifornia: The Emergence Of America’s Healthiest State

You’ve seen the images of California in movies, music videos and adverts. Everyone is beach bronzed, with not an ounce of fat on them, green smoothie in hand, roller skating in muscle shirts and bikinis along beachside paths. Of course, this is one extreme and only accounts for a small proportion of the folk that live in the sunshine state. However, this doesn’t mean that California isn’t the healthiest state when it comes to diet, exercise and lifestyle. Take a look at why you should visit the golden state to mingle with the Californian natives.

Lunch Can Take Hours

This doesn’t mean that you’ll be ordering your food and waiting a couple of hours before it arrives. When you arrive in California, you’ll be taken aback at how relaxed the vibe is throughout the state. From downtown LA to the San Diego coastline, people take their time doing anything and everything. If you want to do a grocery shop, don’t fly around the store like you only have fifteen minutes to live; the natives will stare at you like you’ve gone mad. Instead, chill and mooch around the store before picking up your goji berries, flax seeds and hummus.

When you pop into a restaurant, you are having a dining experience and savoring every morsel, not wolfing down your grub like an animal. Vacations should be all about taking a load off, unwinding and forgetting about work for a little while; California facilitates this in bucketloads.


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The Outdoors

The weather is permanently sunny, the climate is balmy, and the scenery is stunning. There’s no better state to be in than California if your very much the outdoors bunny and relish nothing more than heading out on a hike, catching a wave or trekking through a national park. Staying at a place like the San Diego Marriott La Jolla means that you’ll have the ideal base for the pristine beaches, Torrey Pines State Reserve and Switzer Canyon.

If you’re thinking of staying within a national park itself, you could camp in Yosemite National Park, immersing yourself in nature and sleeping under the stars. What better way to relax than to get back to basics?


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While many have the impression that California is all sushi and smoothies, there’s a much more nuanced healthy eating scene developing in the sunshine state. There may be a few more pescatarians and vegetarians than the average state, but there’s also a whole host of mean barbecue joints and dessert bars to experience. They err on the side of health. If you venture into a bar and ask for a burger, don’t expect a greasy monstrosity the size of your head to greet you. You might get yourself a hummus topped lean beef patty in a wholemeal rye roll complete with salad and pickles. Delicious!

California is well worth a visit if you want to unwind, relax and chill on your vacation without having to go through the agony of a detox. Get your fill of wheatgrass, strap on your hiking boots and enjoy everything the sunshine state has to offer.

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