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Home Extension Ideas Using Shipping Containers

A shipping container when used as a home exterior usually functions as a workspace, a garage or a detached home office. Well guess what- this innovation of home space need not always be associated with toil. If you will it, you can also turn what often is a space for work into an inviting space for relaxation.

Digital Detox Space

Time and time again, we are reminded how unplugging from the internet, especially from social media is good for the soul. Researchers, in fact, have found out that abstaining from social media use helps one build a good sense of self-worth. This is because researchers have found a link between emotions of envy, insecurity & jealousy; and that of excessive social media use.

It is good to unplug every now and then. While going off-grid is a great resort, these types of adventures can be troublesome. The thing is, it is really hard to unplug when you share your home with people who are as attached to the internet as yourself.

Luckily, shipping container home extensions provide an easy solution. All you need is an idea of what a comfy space should be and a lift from a signal jammer. If the space you pick is not reached by the wifi signal in your home, then a jammer may not be necessary.

Spend about half an hour by yourself each day in this signal-devoid space. Shut down.

Four-season Sunroom

A sunroom is so many things in one. It can be a good place to get some sun during the spring and summer months without having to deal with the scorching heat or the allergy triggers. It can also be a pleasant place to raise homegrown herbs for your cooking or small potted plants like you would in a greenhouse.

More and more home owners are converting their bedrooms and major spaces at home into sunrooms. However, due to renovation costs, a sunroom is a luxury for most. The good thing is, even a 10 feet storage van can be turned into one.

All you need is to install huge glass windows, invest in strict weather stripping materials, and work on a condensation busting system. If you plan to actually double the space as a greenhouse of sorts, you can install windowsills that are wide enough to hold your potted plants.

Do not forget to leave enough space for a comfortable couch or bench. It is always pleasant to find a space to be lazy under the sun during the summer without being outdoors.

Zen Space

Channeling your zen can be a struggle when you share your living space with a bunch of people. For others, getting into the zen zone is quite difficult when done in a place as familiar as the bedroom or the living room. Of course, the bed, the TV and even the fridge being within arm’s reach is a challenge.

The solution? Opt to make a shipping container home extension into your very own zen zone. All you need to do is first decide or visualize how you want to personalize this space. You can start by thinking about the things you’d love to do sans disturbance on here.

Is this a place to meditate? To practice yoga? A space for a spa? Then get the basics. You might want to install soundproofing on the walls, sturdy wood flooring, and a drawer or table for your zen supplies.

All we have here are 3 ideas on utilizing your shipping container space work relaxation rather than work. Of course, the list of ideas is endless. Are you ready to make “room” for yourself even when your current home’s space is limited? In that case, invest on a shipping container home extension!
Daryl Clark has been assisting with online Marketing for 6 years. He has been managing online businesses for 17 years and is the owner of D. Clark Associates.

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