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How to Avoid Getting Lost in Russia

Russia is a huge country and not a place you want to be lost in, and with the obvious language issues, it can be very easy to suddenly be unaware of where you are. If you are planning to travel in Russia, you are strongly advised to book through a reputable tour operator, who can plan your trip every step of the way.

Taking Precautions

When planning a holiday in Russia, there are precautions you can take before getting Trans Siberian railway tickets‌‌ to ensure you don’t have problems, and try to check out the Trans-Siberian railway map, which could help you in the event you are lost. By approaching an established Trans-Siberian tour operator, you are much less likely to have any issues while on your trip, as they can plan every stage of your holiday and offer advice on how to prevent problems while travelling the country.

Booking your Holiday

The first thing to do is decide where you want to visit, and the Trans-Siberian Railway starts at Moscow and runs all the way to Vladivostok, which is the far eastern part of Russia. There are many nice places you can stop at on the journey and by discussing your needs with the tour operator, you can plan the perfect schedule. When you book through a reputable tour operator, you have the added security that they are with you all the way, and should there be any issues, they are there to assist you.


The Trans-Siberian Railway has several routes that branch off the main Moscow to Vladivostok line, and one is the route that takes you through Mongolia, which is very popular with foreign tourists. Mongolia is a land of mystery and as you are booking your trip with an established travel company, they can advise you on the best places to visit, which would depend on what you want to see.


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The Russian Language

You are advised to buy a Russian phrase book, which might prove invaluable in many ways. By learning some basics, the local people will most definitely warm to you, as is the case everywhere in the word. Not many Russian people speak English, especially when you are in a remote area, and with a phrase book, you can at least communicate with the local people. There are informative articles online onwhat to do in the event of an emergency in Russia, which are a recommended reading for all who are thinking of travelling to Russia.

Travel Insurance

You are strongly advised to take out adequate travel insurance for your Trans-Siberian holiday, which the tour operator can help you with. They will also offer assistance with applying for the visas you will need, which would depend on which countries you are to visit.

Things to Prepare

The tour operator would have a very informative website, which would include information on what you should pack for the trip. The time of year that you travel will very much dictate the type of clothing you will need. Summer is obviously the high season and with temperatures tipping 40C, it can be very hot, while the winter is exactly the opposite. Only hardy travellers would travel between November and March, as the winter can be very extreme. The best time to travel is in the spring or the autumn, which is also a little quieter as most tourists come in the summer months.

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