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How to make vacation a better one by using some gadgets

They should be taken into account more frequently when buying gifts, especially when the recipient is a frequent traveler. These are gadgets to use on the outside or during the voyages, those small and practical electronic devices that were created to solve problems in an ingenious and with good design. And also, those objects that are useful in the flights or in the route, in the beach or in the mountain.

Pouch Scale

It is super useful for passengers who add miles, that is, those who travel by plane. The best balance to know the exact weight of the bag – and not to pay excess baggage – is the laptop, which runs on battery and can be carried on travel. Bring a strap to tie it to the handle of the suitcase and, by holding it for a few seconds in the air, the digital counter marks the kilos.

Plug adapter

Two or three legs, flat or round, sloping or straight, you need one for your vacation. There are adapters that offer all possible variants of plugs in a single device. In other words, the adapter serves in all countries.

Portable mobile phone charger

With the intense use that is given to the cell phone and / or tablet, the devices usually run out of battery at some point in the day. The utility of portable chargers – with inputs and outputs for USB ports and iOS, Android and Windows Phone systems – goes beyond travel, since it serves in moments with no connection to the power grid.

Neck Pillow

Serves for short flights and also for larger flights because airplane pillows do not support the head and the passenger usually wakes up with neck pain. In the shape of a semicircle, the pillows come with covers, bundles or hooks to tie them to the hand bag, and there are also inflatable models that do not take place. Along with the blinkers and fluffy stockings, the pillows also serve to go by micro, car or train, right now.

Cane for “selfies”

The boom was two years ago. But the selfie stick is still in place and there is no tourist destination where there is no lonely traveler, couple or group that does not have its own extendable arm for the smartphone (some museums and parks have banned them to avoid accidents). The first batons only served to hold the cell phones and these had to be programmed for their cameras to automatically take out. The latest models bring a cable that plugs into the hollow of the phone’s headphones, the baton has a button on the handle to shoot and whiskey!


This gadget is a luxury for very frequent travelers: a SIM card and micro memories with different adapters. For those who have chips from different countries.

pocket knife Also known as a Swiss pocket knife, it has multiple functions and several built-in tools (scissors, unlocker, knife and lime, among others). On flights you have to dispatch it in the bag.

Water filter

For adventurers, the portable filter is practical in destinations with drinking water problems.

Foldable backpack

Everything that can be folded in travel adds points. This backpack occupies very little space and saves the traveler at the right time.

Carry-on bag

When flying, there are passengers who prefer a small backpack as carry-on luggage and others carry-on , that is, a small bag with wheels. This option is recommended if you have to travel long distances at airports and make connections.

Beach tent

It is moving the umbrella on the Argentinean beaches. Deployed, it occupies half the space of the igloo tent. It is lightweight, arms easily at the moment with a pair of rods and provides shade, while protecting from the wind.

Wifi Router

We all want to travel with WiFi, but when we leave our country we find that we do not have the Internet connection  that we need, either to get in touch with our relatives, to be able to look for information that allows us to move in the new country of destination or Simply to use social networks.  CompaRoid picked the Asus RT-AC56U to ease out your choice while selecting Wifi router.

Toilet Organizer

It is used to store remedies, makeup and toiletries, with many pockets – some transparent to facilitate the search – of different sizes.

Folding chair with canopy

To go to spend a day outdoors during any weekend of the year or enjoy the holidays on the beach, the mountain or a mountain landscape, you may need a folding chair to relax beside a beach. The folding chair does not weigh, can be transported in the car or bus, and has coasters to hold mate or a drink.

Travel notebook

It is not old fashioned for those who write. No matter if you travel with a tablet, a notebook and a smartphone, there are those who write down details, prices and sensations as a journal.

Portable passport and wallet

The passport holder has several flaps for storing documents, credit cards and passages. The stock carrier is tied to the waist under clothing and serves as a purse in unsafe places.


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