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Importance of being healthy not slim

There are lot many misconceptions with which we live and that revolves around us and one amongst them is, being slim toned body means a person is healthy. If you also think the same then, it will be better if you will remove it from your brain. Just like a chubby person is not healthy always similarly a skinny person may not be. Cutting down food in order to loss fat is not the correct way because dieting never shows positive results. Some of the tips to follow for being healthy are:
• Each what is healthy, not everything: One of the mostly seen thinking is that people wants to get fit but do not want to compromise with what they are eating especially junk food. Junk food is known by this name because it does not benefit us in any way. So, to gain minimum calories and maximum energy and vitamins it is better to eat healthy food rather than junk food.
• Regular exercise: Exercises helps us in removing toxins from our body in the form of sweat. Rather than doing dieting following a healthy diet is beneficial and regular exercising will help in reducing all the fat that has accumulated in your body.
• Cut-down wine consumption: If you are die-heart fan of wine and you cannot imagine a day without it then you need reconsider this habit. I am saying so because wine increases appetite if it is taken before a meal. So, if having a big appetite is a problem for you then wine can add onto it.
• Sleep tight: When we sleep our blood circulation increases which help the body to recover faster but there are people that take sleeping lightly. Because of irregular sleeping habits for example, instead of night you are sleeping in office or in class and that too for short-short intervals so that your seniors will not able to catch you. There is also a golden period of sleep i.e. from 11pm to 2am which is the best time when body recovers efficiently. Daily at least 6-8 hours of sleep is necessary else its side-effects will show up as under eye dark circles or pimples in between area of eyebrows.
• Eat in short intervals: When we eat small section of our meal after short intervals then our body digests it properly rather than when we eat big meal in one go. As much as the food you intake digests the slimmer you become and digestion is easy when food is less.
Do not sleep just after your meal: This is the biggest mistake which generally most of the people do. They have their meal and go to bed directly. Although you get tired after tiring day and you do not feel like waking up for long but this should not be so. It is because when we sleep directly after taking dinner the fat accumulates as no work has been done. So, one should always sleep at least after 1 hour of taking day’s last meal.

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