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Indian Festivals and Kaju Katli

In all parts of the globe, Indian deserts enjoy significant popularity among individuals. This is possible since a large percentage of the countries has a steely population of Indians who keep on introducing distinct varieties of Indian sweets in the town they live in as well as in the foreign countries. In this article, we shall present one most loved Indian deserts that are Kaju Katli and we shall also present the information about the festivals during which this desert has been served.

India is known for the festivals. Without sweets, every festival is being perceived incomplete. So sweets have great roles and hence many varieties of sweets are being made in India. Among them, Kaju Katli is very favorite and being liked by most individuals. Most of the confectioners are being an experiment with this Indian desert for enhancing the taste and for this they are adding many flavoring agents. The good thing about the Kaju Katli is that it is liked by all the ages so it is served to people at every occasion.

Kaju Katli may be described as Candy that is made using cashew nuts. The primary ingredients of this sweet dish are cashew nuts but there are lot more other ingredients which have been used for making Indian desert without them you shall not get the taste which it usually has. Here we are listing other essential ingredients are sugar, ghee, cardamom, condensed milk as well as a flavoring agent.

Besides cardamom, confectioners do not use any other flavoring agent at times. Kaju Katli is the basic one without any additional flavor as well as it is the one which is most popular in India. Nowadays, Kaju Katli is made across the India. But its origin is in the western part of the country and all over the world being liked by the people. If you intend to taste the real or more authenticate version of the desert then you have to visit the regions such as Ahmadabad, Mumbai, and Surat etc.

We already make you aware you that the basic form of this desert is very popular one. Confectioners often use distinct flavors just to improve the Indian desert.  One of the flavoring agents which is being added mostly in western part of the country is Saffron and hence, you see most selling shops of saffron. Another mostly used flavoring agent which is used in sweets is rose water. Rose may enable to enhance the taste of any sweets as well as its aroma is very sweet.

Nowadays many confectioners are using flavors like Vanilla, butterscotch, chocolate etc. Kaju Katli is extremely tasty so it carrying various flavors may not beat the popularity of basic of Kaju Katli. Nowadays most of the confectioners are also using seasonal fruits to adding innovation in the deserts. For example, many shops sell mango flavored version of the sweets during the summer. In many places, you also taste the sweets in strawberry as well as pineapple flavors.

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