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Introducing world famous cuisines tempting the taste buds

There is one thing that’s every ones favorite and that is FOOD. While the choices and preferences might differ from person to person, each one of us definitely has that one dish or favorite cuisine which we crave for and is our all-time best-loved.  Then, there are people who are die-hard foodies and love to experiment and try different cuisines. All around the global there are many famous known and unknown delicacies which are amazingly relishing and appetizing. While we have always experienced and loved our native food and some other different dishes, there are few extremely popular cuisines that are highly praised by the food enthusiasts and are a must try-out for the rest.

  1. Italian cuisine

Italy is about a lot of amazing places and things, but one thing that tops the list is the Italian cuisine. The exotic ingredients influencing this cuisine, simply leaves you asking for more. From pasta, pizza to large variety of meat dishes, antipasto and rice dishes; the Italian food is one of the most sought after cuisine all over the world. And that’s not it, delicious desserts, over 400 types of cheese, different breads, exotic wines, and the list goes on with each and every food item tempting you. The best feature of Italian cuisine is that most of the dishes have four to eight ingredients and it focuses on the taste and quality.


  1. French Cuisine

You can never resist a French dish anywhere in the world. The mastery and class of French cuisine reflects in its popularity globally. Collection of several ancient remarkable recipes dating back to the medieval France till today brings alive the taste and grandeur of those times. A lot similar to the Italian cuisine, the sensational French wines and delicious cheese are an integral part of this cuisine. The wide range of pastries and desserts includes Mousse, Soufflé and several other mouth-watering dishes.


  1. Indian Cuisine

India is a diversified country and so when it comes to the Indian food you can definitely expect a lot more variety and different taste. The Indian cuisine is popularly known for the exotic spices and their skillful use in the Indian dishes. Indian food is highly influenced by the ancient traditions and culture of the country which is as much as 5000 year old. From gourmet curries to famous tandoori, there are many vegetarian and non-vegetarian delicacies found in Indian cuisine.  Amongst all, the North Indian Cuisine which comprises of rajma dal, mughlai, various paneer and vegetable dishes are extremely well-known world over.


  1. Chinese Cuisine

Yes, even today maximum number of people world-wide swears by the Chinese noodles and soups. The Chinese cuisine is heavily influenced by various types of sauces, seasonings and vegetables. The hot stews, herbal drinks, desserts, Chinese sausages, noodles and many more makes the Chinese cuisine not only savory but also health concentrated. Like Indian cuisine, Chinese food has a history which dates back to several thousand of years, but over the time several changes has made in the food cooking style and ingredients.


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