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Is Australasia Really Worth The Long Haul Flight?

More and more people are taking the long haul flight needed to visit New Zealand and Australia. There was a spike in tourist visas offered to these amazing countries when the Lord of the Ring movies were released. But word has spread, and both these countries are enjoying a peak in the tourist trade right now. If you haven’t been, maybe this is the year you should get your travel socks on.

Australia has always been popular with students for a gap year. There are often plenty of opportunities on the farms to help fund your way across the country. Student visas are still relatively easy to get hold of. But it’s the families on vacation that can really make the most of this massive country. There are several key cities that provide everything a family might be looking for on vacation.

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Perth and Fremantle are the most popular places to visit on the west coast. Western Australia has very little populated areas, so these two cities provide everything any family may need. The Outback isn’t always a safe place for kids as it is hot and dry. But with the right tour guide, you can enjoy a great visit to see how some of the native cultures and wildlife survive.

There are lots of cool places to visit in Perth itself. The city is home to the Kings Park Botanic Gardens which is a great way to discover Australia’s native flora. There is just the right mix of cultivated areas and bushland to give you a great overview. Shopping is good in Perth, but it’s the nightlife that really appeals to travelers and tourists. There is plenty to do whatever your age, and there is an excellent range of accommodation too.

Fremantle is a port town, and the fish here is exquisite! You can enjoy a family day out exploring the old prison areas. There is a lot of history here from both the settlers and the native communities of the area. You can find a lot of details in the local museum and there are plenty of tours too. Perhaps one of the best things to enjoy in Fremantle is the incredible Cottesloe Beach. It’s warm here most of the year, and there is rarely a problem with crowding.

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New Zealand is only a short flight away, yet the landscape is vastly different to Australia. There are mountainous regions and glorious lakes to explore. Much of the land is lush and green. The North and the South are very different geographically as well as culturally. Neither will disappoint as vacation hotspots, though! You can enjoy some of the national sports like Rugby, and you can experience the Maori culture all in one place.

When you head down under, you can find extraordinary wildlife. There are incredible landscapes and amazing beaches. The flight may be long, but the destination is certainly worth it. The cities and suburbs of Australia are growing every day, and the unspoilt beauty of New Zealand will never fade. Make Australasia your vacation destination this year.

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