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Know and hear the music of the famous music cities of world

You tap your feet to the rhythm and grove to music. Yes, music has the powers to get us grooving anytime anywhere. Its soothing, its energetic, its mesmerizing and captivating. Be it lyrics or be it the beats, there is always something about songs and music that has made it impossible for most of us to live without them. While it dominates our cell phone memory, real music lovers have a passion far beyond their own playlist. And this passion sometimes led them to cities known for their musical background and famous for their contribution to world music. So here we bring to you some of the popular cities whose musical connection is not only strong but also popular and alluring.

  1. New York, US.

New York is undoubtedly one the most famous cities of the world. While everybody is aware about it, very few actually know that it is also very popular for its role in the world music. Every form of music be it jazz, rock, classical or blues, the city has it all and how! From clubs to cafes, you know you have reached the right place where music brings alive the night. And that’s not all of it; New York is quoted to be the birthplace of Salsa music, disco and hip hop to name a few.

Bowery Ballroom NY

  1. New Orleans, US.

You love jazz, you will definitely love New Orleans after all it was here where Jazz was formed and became popular. So strong is the connection between these two that even today you will able to hear the traditional jazz in New Orleans. Also known as the Crescent City, this is the place where African American music has powerful roots. Along with Jazz, several other styles of music like playing of brass instruments and rock ‘n’ roll have evolved over time, gaining popularity and finding place in world music.

  1. Vienna, Austria.

In modern day music has evolved a lot in various forms but even today the classical form of music still has the same charm and so the city famously known for classical music, Vienna. So much is the passion of classical music that Vienna is also called ‘The Capital of Classical Music’. The major attraction is the classical concerts held in the city. From Mozart to Beethoven, you will hear it all and relive the time when the veterans actually played in Vienna.  The main local music venues include the People’s Opera House, State Opera House and Theater An Der Wien.


  1. Havana, Cuba.

The beaches of Havana are no less than heaven but so is the music of the city. Salsa, rumba and tango have us instantly on our feet and it is here that you will find these at their best. For the people who love the Latin American music, Cuba is the country to explore and visit, along with taking part in some of popular music festivals in Havana. One of the most influential music of world, the Cuban music has an important contribution with its magnificent melody, rhythms and dance.


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