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Knowing world’s three oldest and fascinating castles

The present is a beautiful time to live, yet the past portrays the time that taught and bought us to the present. And, this wonderful by-gone time has left behind legacy and architecture that showcases and spins the story that was once there in those eras and centuries. What best can be more amazing than the intriguing and magnificent castles build all around the globe that gives us the glimpse into the lifestyle, thoughts and the brilliance of people during that time. Today you admire the architecture and the beauty of these castles that have stood the wrath of time and somewhere in these grand palaces you also here the whispers of stories of people that once lived there. Here is an introduction to some of the intriguing spectacular castles from all over the world.

  1. Edinburg castle

Located in the charming country of Scotland, the Edinburg castle is one of the popular castles with several underlying mysteries still unsolved. Build on an extinct volcanic rock somewhere around 12th century, the exact reason behind building this incredible fortress in still being contemplated. Dominating the entire skyline of Edinburg city, according to researchers Edinburg castle can be counted as one of the most attacked castles in the world with a record of 26 sieges in over 1100 years. For a castle which is more than 10 centuries old, this place is home to myths and legends that are enough to run a shiver through your spine, and is also said to be one of the haunted places in entire Scotland. In spite of the stories, Edinburg castle is every bit stunning and is the place where Crown Jewels of the country along with the famous ‘Stone of Destiny’ is kept. According to the legend this ‘Stone of Destiny’ is not original, with the actual being swapped and hidden, adding to the list of secrets surrounding the famous Edinburg castle.


  1. Windsor Castle

Windsor castle in England is one of the most astounding castles you can ever lay your eyes on. The entire area of this majestic castle is 13 acres and yes, it has 1000 rooms! After a Norman invasion, William the Conqueror as he is popularly known built this castle in the 11th century and it took nearly 16 years to complete this lavishly made architecture. According to Queen Elizabeth I, this was the palace she preferred staying because she believed it could withstand a siege anytime. Along with one of the oldest royal kitchen in the world, the castle has several valuable and priceless artifacts and paintings. Today, after surviving the blitz during World War II and a fire which nearly destroyed 20 percent of the place, the Windsor Castle still stands in its dignified glory.


  1. Alcazar of Segovia

Now this is out of a fairy tale or rather is the one which inspired the Cinderella’s castle in California Disneyland. The Alcazar of Segovia in Spain is the first of its kind built by Arabs. Later on several other Alcazar castles were built at several places in Spain but the one at the ancient city of Segovia still remains the major Castle. Over 900 years old, the first mention of this castle was around 11th century. Built on a rock which has a resemblance to the shape of bow of a ship, interiors and the design of the Alcazar of Segovia are influenced by Islamic style. The castle attracted the attention of the world in 1862 A.D when a fire nearly destroyed the place. After its restoration twenty years later, it was handed over to the Ministry of war. Currently this marvelous castle which was once a royal palace, military college and also a prison has been now turned into a museum.


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