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Ladies you need to be careful

There is nothing to doubt on, how much a lady suffers from, because of mensuration or pregnancy which leaves a woman weak. She needs to be careful and watch her steps when it comes to her diet and daily routine because maybe her deeds and habits can leave her in not-so maintained health. One of the biggest problems and the most common problem a woman suffers from is the weakening of bones especially Indian women. It is because Indian women are known to care about them less and family more which eventually back-fire her.

Not only women but many Indians suffer from bone related problems. The middle and old age population in the country have osteoporosis. Osteoporosis is the medical condition which is related to bones; it is a condition when because of hormonal changes, or deficiency of calcium or vitamin D body lacks in tissues which makes the bones brittle and fragile. This generally creeps in on account of unhealthy eating habits, lack of exercise, menopause and sitting glued to the television or computer for hours together. These are the most common mistakes which we usually do and this problem is common in Indians especially women because of being homemakers and irregular eating habits that are not healthy.

Initially the body weakens but gradually irreversible osteoporosis sets in. Any person who is irregular with his or her routine and eating habits can get into the hit of osteoporosis but sadly, women moving into menopausal phase are the worst hit. Menopause is a natural biological process from which a lady goes through in either her 40s or 50s. During this period she goes through many hormonal changes and these changes can bring problems like osteoporosis into her account. Ladies after a certain age remains in a worst hit but nowadays people are suffering from medical issues like osteoporosis because of their bad habits.

Today’s children like fast foods more than what is made in their homes and even the parents are getting so busy in their professional and party life that they hardly care about all this. This does not show-up in young age because at that time body is in adapting stage but after a certain limit even children too suffers from osteoporosis. At times bad habits are not the reason but the profession becomes. I said so because the people those are generally in profession which demands them to work on computer for hours continuously or to sit for very long can also suffer from this.

Determination can keep you away from any sort of problem and to stay away from osteoporosis all you need to do is regular exercises and right eating habits. When you eat well, you stay well and exercise helps the body to shed all the fat and toxins from the body and because of circulation body recovers and the problem of lack of tissues can be handled. It is not difficult to stay healthy but this can happen only when you want to.

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